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Friday, September 25, 2009

Worm Dissection on the Big Screen

Today for science my third grade girls dissected a worm.

Well, okay, they watched their teacher dissect a worm.

They are girly girls, after all.

Plus, the only kind of worms we can get here are in our own back yard, not the ones that are soaked in the special liquid that makes them firm up and stink like a Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road.

And I wouldn't want to spike one we dug up with pins and be a murderer. Never mind the fact I don't want to touch them AT ALL....

They have been looking forward to this lesson with a mixture of giddy anticipation and dread. Neither one of them have seen anything cut open before, so I wasn't sure how they would react.

The teacher went over the different types of worms first (flat, round, and segmented) and played with one for a while, showing the different parts of an earthworm. (The head, the saddle, and the slimy nastiness.) Ok so I made that last one up.

As she was going over the info, I could see Sleeping Beauty's hair start to curl, and a greenish tint come over her face. Good thing I recommended they do it right after Bible so it wasn't so close to lunch time. (And heaven forbid they do it after lunch!)

Who can blame her when the dissection is as big as the couch?

After they watched the cutting and pinning, they had to label parts of a worm on their worksheet. The conversation went something like this:

ME: So, are you girls learning something interesting?
CINDERELLA: Oh, yes! [happily labeling and drawing worm guts]
SLEEPING BEAUTY: [un-enthusiastically] Yeah. I'm done. [walking with hand shading eyes from the wall] I'm just gonna go wait in my room until Cinderella is done, ok?

And just to make sure they got their fill of worms today (no, they weren't a surprise lunch), they had to make models of the three types of worms from modeling clay.

Third one from the bottom is a round worm. (See his hooked mouth?) Sleeping Beauty thought it was the kind of worm you use for fishing because it's a hook worm.

Isn't she cute?

Worms are actually WAY more complex than I imagined, what with a brain, and several hearts, and bristles etc. etc.

Homeschooling is so much fun!


  • Brenda

    OK--what's with the home theater action? Was this your laptop solution? Do share! Cause I would love to throw Mr. Demme up on the wall come math time. How awesome is that?

    And how could you resist serving something worm-like for lunch? I couldn't have resisted.

  • Giovanna

    Cool !

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