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Monday, September 07, 2009

Marshmallow and Toothpick Art

I know I said I would be sharing these on Thursdays, but I think I will start to get confused and fall behind if I don't get the one we already did on here and out of my mind.

So today I am sharing pictures from the first of our Fun Day Thursdays, which was Marshmallow and Toothpick Art. What we did was dump a big pile of marshmallows onto a paper plate, dump a big pile of toothpicks next to it, and then started building stuff.

And when we were done, we enhanced them with edible markers.

It was a blast. And I felt bad they couldn't keep them, but there's a little issue with ants here. So I forced them to dismantle, and then consume every last bit.

Which you know they hated.

So without further ado, here are the pics.

My only contribution. I was busy photography-ing, remember?

Our somewhat deformed family of inverted-faced sheep.
Cinderella's very creative giraffe.

Sleeping Beauty's Family of Five. The women have pointy feet.

As the thrill of building wore off and they started to just play, they decided their people needed to go camping. So of course, they needed to bring a tent or two.

And their sports equipment...

When everything was packed and ready to go, Snow White's people jumped in their van, hooked the tent to the back, and headed out! (Everyone else met them there by taking turns riding on the giraffe.) All the extra marshmallows at the mom's feet are food. (I know, they're cannibals. Try to overlook that.)

Poor Long-neck Ralph, he never fits in the tents. And I think his right arm may have punctured Dozy Daisy's head. See how her eyes are bloody and her tongue is sticking out? I don't even want to ask what happened to Black-Eyed Susie.

Sia's youngest girl was the smartest. She brought a whole bed. And slept alone.

They seriously played with these things for the rest of the day. It was HOURS worth of fun, and a great thinking project. There were a couple poorly engineered first attempts at houses, etc. but it made us all think harder on where supports should go, and what is the strongest shape.

The triangle, obviously.

Although they do make for tight sleeping quarters.


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