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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Tired

I have been struggling lately with feeling tired.

Not just tired, but bone tired.

You know there's a difference, right?

Any ideas what could be causing it?

Perhaps menopause (I'm only 32), or hormones (possible) ?

Or something else? (I hope not!)

I am ready to accept any and all advice in this area, so I can get back to normal.

Because napping in the afternoon? Not really my normal routine....

So please feel free to help me out. Especially if you've had this before and have overcome it.

Have a [yawn] great [stretch] day!


  • Brenda

    Love the picture!

    Something else would be better than menopause, no? Of course it would be!

  • Giovanna

    I had the same problem and went to the Dr. for it. Turned out I was anemic. After a few weeks of supplements, eating well and sleeping till I woke up in the morning on my own, I felt much better.

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    Sometimes I get tired just imagining myself being able to accomplish a fraction of what you seem to be able to squeeze into your days. Maybe your body just needs a little time out?

  • WendyMom

    A few thoughts-

    You just got over being sick with what sounded an awful lot like the swine flu- and the doctors are saying it can take up to a few MONTHS to feel totally back to normal- the fastest way for that is to slow down and rest when you are very tired.

    Exercise. Need I say more? When I am exercising regularly, I have WAY more energy overall, and all the time.

    Could be anemia. You can increase the iron in your diet by eating more green leafy veggies, broccoli, kidney beans, and red meat. Sounds like chili is in order....

    Could be hormones. Or something else.

    I am feeling the same way- but I know I have not been exercising (at all) in a few months- so it's back to the gym for me.

    Headed out to camp for a few days- love you guys--

  • Suzanne - Daughter of the King

    First, I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Thanks for visiting me the other day too! We have been feeling tired too - my sister recommended upping our Vitamin D (to 2000-3000) and Vitamin B (B6 and B12). I'm not sure what part of Africa you are in and how much sun you get - but D is really important - especially for women. Praying you are feeling better now.

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