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Friday, September 04, 2009

Fun with Food

Isn't that a cool photo? We won't be going this far...

...but we'll still be having fun! Tuesdays are another day when we stay home all day. There is no Bible Club, no Wednesday service, no "We're-Tired-The-Day-After-All-Of-Sunday's-Busy-ness", so we have the time to do some fun things. And since the girls are finishing school near lunch time, it's fun to do cool stuff with food. I plan to incorporate some of these (you'll know which ones) into their lunch time, while others will be special things we'll bake together, and will be for snacks.

So, here's the list! With links, of course, because it makes you love me.

Homemade Ziploc® Bag Ice Cream- Using a Ziploc® Bag, we will make our own ice cream in about five minutes.

Strawberry Slush- *We obviously omit the vodka in this one.* A yummy, slushy drink!

Banana Sushi- We'll be adding choc chips, and possibly marshmallows to this. (Oh and Devil in a Jar)

Quesadillas- We'll also have salsa, and possibly chicken strips.

Thanksgiving Cookies- A fun and yummy treat for Thanksgiving time. (But you know all our stuff will be homemade. Did I really have to remind you?)

Puff the Magic Pancake- Ours will be doused with syrup, I can assure you.

Yogurt Parfaits- Yogurt, granola, and fruit in a pretty and yummy pattern!

Creamy Rice Pudding- We will omit the raisins because they're the one thing my kids hate.

Tortilla Spirals- My kids happen to LOVE pesto, so this is great for us. If your kids don't like pesto, spread the cream cheese, add turkey (or their favorite lunch meat), thin sliced tomatoes, and roll up. Then cut into 1" spirals.

Fruit Kebabs with Marshmallow Dip- Cut fruit into reasonable chunks (not too thin or they'll rip), skewer them, then make the dip. Fun and yummy!

Frozen Bananas- *We're going to dip some in chocolate as well, then cover with sprinkles.* A cool and yummy treat!

Fun Sandwiches- Making regular sandwiches, but decorate the bread with edible markers before eating them. Fun!

No-Cook Cheesecake Snacks- Graham Crackers spread with cream cheese and fruit jam. (Here's a recipe if your area, like ours, doesn't sell graham crackers.)

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Snack Ideas- March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday, and we plan to have a whole day devoted to it. Fun ideas here!

Dough Fun- I have a dough recipe I love, and we'll use it to make shapes, letters, whatever the girls want, then bake them and eat them with dinner.

Kringlers- Tortillas, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Yummy!

Birthday Cake for Papaw- It will be my Dad's birthday March 23, and since we don't have any birthdays in March, (and who can go a whole month without cake?) I thought it would be fun to make him a special cake, let the girls decorate it, and email him a picture. (Plus, we like us some cake around here.)

Peanut Butter Nuts and Bolts- *scroll down in the link for the recipe* Nuts, cereal, pretzels, covered in melted PB and baked in the oven. Wow!

Chocolate dipped stuff- Fruit (strawberries, banana chunks, pineapple- drizzled not dipped), pretzels, marshmallows, and anything else with think of to dip in chocolate. Yum!

Easter Cookies- Egg shapes, Cross shapes, circle cookies filled with royal icing and decorated, sprinkles, and a messy kitchen. But lots of fun!

Hot Cross Buns- An African tradition on Easter morning. And yummy too! We also will put a bit of glaze over the top.

Microwave S'mores- A fun and easy treat to have along with our tent day/ afternoon campout.

Whoopie Pies- Chocolate cake-like cookies, and a creamy filling...ahh....

Puppy Chow- Cereal covered in chocolate and PB, then shaken in a Ziploc® with powdered sugar. So addictive!

Rice Krispy Fun- Making those famous treats on sticks, decorated with sprinkles, etc.

Spiced Apple Cake- Easy-peasy apple cake that sounds REALLY good.

Tea Party Sandwiches- Spread herb flavored cream cheese onto bread, then layer either thinly sliced cucumbers or tomatoes, lettuce if you like, then top with another slice of bread. (You can cut off the crusts to make them more fancy.) These are some of our faves!

Now that you have lots of ideas, maybe I've jogged your memory, and you could share some with me? I really do have to go and make lunch now.



  • Brenda

    You have to make fruit pizza. Oh it is so good!!!!

  • JulieMom

    Yeah...I forgot about that one! Yum! And veggie pizza too. My Granny had this recipe that had a flaky crust, was COVERED in cream cheese something or other, I think, and veggies.

    Aunt Judy, if you're reading this, PLEASE send me the recipe!!

  • Giovanna

    these are all so wonderful! I can't wait to try some of them : )

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