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Monday, September 14, 2009

Cupcake Decorating Fun!

So I did our fun food thing a few days early. It actually worked out, because I needed to make these cupcakes for a meeting the girls were going to at church. Saturday they met for a "Community Service" meeting. They passed out tracts in the neighborhood, then went around and cleaned up garbage in a local park, and around the church property.

Anyhoona, on to the cupcakes!

I bought these baking cups, because I wanted something different to do with the girls, and paper cups are so *blah* sometimes. Here (in SA) they don't have (that I've found) strong ones with a pattern. They are just plain white. Which is ok, I guess, because then your decorations stand out, but my girls like girly stuff. Ya know?

The only thing I neglected to realize upon picking up the baking cups, was that the rather smallish box held 72 of the little cuties inside. Really, I thought they were full size. That would have been fun. But they are mini size. So I ended up making the whole box of them with batter left over.

So I decided Sunday night (our movie night- which you can see Barbie and the Three Muskateers on the wall in the background) would be our cupcake decorating night. And since we'd used all my leftover yellow buttercream on Saturday, I made other colors. A few "Prince-friendly" colors, should he decide be forced to join us.

I got out the piping bags, fun tips, and leftover cake decorating stuff. There were lots of choices! And the girls had a blast. I had fun too. And the Prince, although some looked rather HULK-ish, didn't do a bad job!

Here are the results: (Click the photos for a larger version)

Pretty cute, huh? I would buy those again. I think they would make excellent tiny desserts for a baby or wedding shower. They could be decorated in any way you wanted, and they are literally two bites of cake. Sweet x2!! Next time I'll cut my cake recipe into thirds so I won't have so much on my hands at once. I always feel pressured to decorate them all. Though I suppose they could go in the freezer.

But where's the fun in that?


  • Giovanna

    Those look fun! Cupcakes do well in the freezer as do muffins. I usually make a batch of breakfast muffins and put some in the freezer for quick Sunday morning munchies. We are always running late!

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