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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!

Snow White will be cast and pin free tomorrow, starting at 1:30 PM. That means she will be free to run around wild!! No, no it doesn't. Although the Prince has allowed her to already get back on her bike, (something that, of course, makes her Mother very nervous) she will be raring to go- to say the least.

She has already been running around, and has fallen, twice, over the hula hoop.

My heart can't take much more of this!

She is a little nervous (understandably) about the whole procedure of having the pins removed, so would you all please pray for her? It will be about seven AM your time if you're in NY. (Since that's where I lived before, it's the only place I keep tabs on time-wise. The rest of you will just have to figure it out for yourselves!)

And she wanted me to let you know that she is still a strong girl, cast or not, and she could so totally knock your block off with it. "Whatever that means." she says. So girly.
Come tomorrow we will (hopefully!) have pictures to share of a beautifully healed arm, and a smiling Snow White to go along with it. (You know I'm taking the camera to the appointment. I just hope I don't pass out!)

Maybe pray for me too, lol.


  • Luanne

    Woo hoo! I totally remember my daughter getting her cast off...luckily we did not have to deal with pins...that must have been quite a break!!

    Hope it goes well! And by the way...she is stinkin' cute!!

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