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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Killer Flu From Outer Space

Ok, so maybe that wasn't the exact diagnosis from the doc Monday, but it's what I finally figured out I have. It must be. I don't think normal flu is this bad. But I wouldn't know because I've never had more than a 24 hour bug before. I've had whooping cough, and roseola, and scarlet fever, but I've never had a flu knock me so completely out before.

It's frightening.

I haven't left my bed (except to pee and see the doc) in over a week.

Rolling over in bed makes me tired.

I'm barking louder than Rin Tin Tin.

I haven't showered since Monday before seeing the doctor. And that wasn't really a shower. It was more of a mercy hair washing by the Prince.

I look so lovely right now. I don't understand how he has avoided laughing at me.

Anyway, all that written to let you know we are still alive, and plan to be in the near future, as long as this killer flu from outer space doesn't, you know, kill us.

We are all on meds and have orders to stay in bed. Fun times.

So I won't be contributing any new baked stuff, or sugar stuff, or Paint.NET stuff until I get over whatever it is I have. Because I don't want to kill anyone else.

Stop by again next week, and see the exciting conclusion to The Flu! Hopefully it's not a sad one.

And the counter at the top of the page is tentative. We haven't actually bought tickets or anything, so it's totally not accurate. But it's there as a count down for WendyMom who needed to see it on the blog. :0)


  • WendyMom

    Yeah, doing the math WAS taxing my mind a bit- it is, after all, 90 degrees here...

    I am so sorry to hear and see you guys have been so sick. Are they reporting much in SA about the swine flu outbreak? I'm wondering if that's what you have.... If so, the medication Tamiflu is supposed to really help.

    We'll be praying here for you all- I'll send you an email in the next few days with an update from the home front. Love you all a ton!

  • Cheryl

    I'm sorry to hear you are all so sick. 2 years ago we had the killer flu from outer space hit us, too! I was in bed with a 105 degree fever for a week. By the time I went to the doctor it was too late for Tamiflu but my husband was able to take it. Lucky guy, he was extremely sick too but recovered much faster than I did! You know, I don't really remember if our children got sick, all I remember is Dan and I in bed leaving 5 kids to fend for themselves. The aftermath of that wasn't very fun... That was one time I was actually glad for kid programming on tv from morning clear through bedtime!! :o) I have never been so sick before that or since, and besides giving birth to my 5th child, that was the only other time I truly thought there was no doubt, I was going to die!! I'm sympathizing with you and praying you will begin to recover quickly.

    Get better soon!! :o)

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    Oh my word. Wasn't expecting to read this. Hope you'll be all better soon (as I'm sure you do too). SMILE

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