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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Cast is Off!!

So Thursday was the day we went to the doc to have the cast and the pins (OH NO!) removed. It turned out not to be as traumatic as we envisioned, and Snow White was a real trooper. I am very proud of her bravery (yet again!) though she has yet to let me wash her arm. And it's covered in dry, flaky skin, so I'm thinking before bed tonight I'll convince her. Here are some photos.

Not too sure of the whole "saw" thing.

A close-up of the "saw". Just in case you wanted to see it closer.

After pin removal. The pins were about two inches long. Came out clean as a whistle.

Snow White and I waiting for x-ray results. She looks a might beat, eh?

And, the final x-rays. Much-improved alignment, wouldn't you say?

The doc says no sports for at least a month, and it won't be back to "normal" until two months. So we're forcing her to take it easy. Her arm is still a little swollen and bruised right where the break happened, but that's normal and I will not worry about it.

I will not worry about it.

I will not worry about it.

Is it really normal?

I will not worry about it.


Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf. Snow White is feeling fine, with no pain whatsoever, and we are praising God. SO GLAD this is over for now!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We will!

Even if we can't run or ride our bikes. For at least a month.

We can always bake something...


  • WendyMom

    It is perfectly normal.

    I'll say it louder-


    If you look at the "healed' xray- you can see the callous formation- this is the patch area (if you will) of healed bone that occurs at the site of a break. The reason they have to align bones quickly is so that this callous forms on a straight line for healing. Otherwise, it will form wherever the two bone ends meet, and can result in permanent deformity. Imagine her arm without the alignment.

    That area is still tender and considered "healing" for up to a year. Her arm looks great to me-
    if you want to read more- here is a good layman's website with info-=

    Thus ends the orthopedic lecture-

    Seriously, I'm glad it looks so good- she'll know when she's ready for more use of it, and it will take a while for things to get back to normal. Hope this helps calm your fears-- I love you a ton!

  • Luanne

    OMG...those xrays made me cringe...poor peanut! Hope she continues to heal well!

  • Kristen

    I hate those saws. When I used to go get casted for my leg braces, they would use the saw and it freaked me out! They would always say it doesn't cut through skin... but I have a 3 inch scar on my knee that says otherwise! Yup -- looked down and was bleeding like crazy (guess it's a good thing that I can't FEEL it??). Glad I didn't share that beforehand, huh????

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    She really is a trooper. It must hurt to have those pins pulled out, no?

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