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Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Monday!! So What...

are you doing today? For me it's all about catching up with cleaning before our sweet friend comes and helps Jimmy install panel heaters in the bedrooms. We should have done this LAST year, but we just didn't know they were so awesome and economical. And stuff. So that's a must.

I have done three loads of laundry, washed all the dishes from the weekend, (because I felt like leaving them until I had the energy to do them in one fell swoop- because it's my feminine time and I can do that if I want.) I swept the carpet and all the tile floors with an actual broom and not the vacuum, I put everything away from movie night last night, I called the car shop about our car that smells like rotten eggs, (I am not even exaggerating- pray it's not the catalytic converter, even if you don't know what that is) I have dropped off said car, I have started my SS lesson for my ladies' class, and I have folded and put away towels.

And did I mention it's just after 8:45 AM?

Oh yeah, and I woke up my kids and gave them a bunch of stuff to do. Let's hope they're as productive as I have been. I still have other things planned too. Like going to the mall and vowing not to leave until I find Snow White a pair of shoes that don't cost as much as a house down payment, but that will last for a while. I would never have thought when we moved here that finding quality kids' shoes would be so hard. But it's a battle that must be fought, so I will do it!

And then we'll hit the bead store.

Because my girls have been CONSUMED with making earrings, (though none of them have pierced ears) bracelets, and necklaces, which they then sell to the ladies at church. They charge ten rand (which is about a dollar) a pair, and so far they have sold seven pairs with three on hold for next week when someone will bring their money. It's fun for them, and a good deal for the ladies. They are also learning about money management and tithing. Never too early to start with that one!

Oh, you want pictures of these earrings? Well, I can't show you the ones they've already sold, but I will post some pictures of the things they've made tomorrow. I actually have no time today, and we really need a different way of transporting them. Right now they're in a Ziploc© bag, all tangled and looking really attractive. I need some cardboard or something to poke holes in so they can display nicely. We'll figure something out.

So that's what I've been up to lately. I started a new book series that I planned to read to the kids, (it was recommended by a friend) but it's too scary for them. And there are some older themes (it's written for teens and young adults) about dating, and feelings that they're just not ready for. So I'm reading it myself, and really liking it. But I won't tell you what it is until I'm finished with it, ok?

How was your weekend, and what have got going on today? Anything productive?


  • Janice

    If you tell me the sizes I can keep my eyes peeled for good shoe deals for the princesses... I know their feet are not so wide as Savannah's, but I just got her some AdOrEaBlE shoes at Kohls the other day for only $6.00. That is like 60 rand just in case you are wondering, I know you are busy! Lol! AND they really dont weigh much, so you could theoretically have them in 3 weeks!!!!!!!! Let me know and do not be surprised if I jump out of a suit case gasping for air when you get the girls... Jane said I would have to pay for the over the weight limit... is she saying I am FaT!??!? Love you!

  • JulieMom

    Well, I wouldn't put those words in her mouth. I think it IS safe to say you weigh more than a hundred pounds, right? I'm just guessing... :0)

    I'll send the girls' sizes ASAP. Thanks for thinking of it! (But I'm not sure Jane will have room for anything else! You may have to ship them...just so you know.) Love ya too!

  • Luanne

    WOW! Just reading that made me think of all the things I need to get done...especially coming off a weekend away! Laundry folding and putting away is high on my list today, as well as school work, which I have already finished.

    Good luck with the shoe shopping! I hope it is a successful outing!!

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