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Friday, July 31, 2009

Do We Ever Do Anything Normal Around Here?

Things have been busy here, and I have been meaning to blog, but the past two days my web browser wouldn't fully load the site, so I couldn't type anything.

And now I can't remember what I was going to type anyway. Oh well.

So let's start fresh, shall we? We had a lady (who is now a friend) stay with us on Monday, traveling home from Zambia. It was a blessing to hear her testimony of how things went there, and how the Lord worked in her, and in her family back home. She was a sweet lady to want to look at the earrings we made, and actually buy some. What a surprise! (Although she overpaid, in my estimation.) We also go to show her around a bit since her flight didn't leave until 6PM. So that was nice. Monday was a good day.

Tuesday was fine. So fine, in fact, that I don't even remember it.

Wednesday was good too. I am teaching verse-by-verse the life of Joseph in Genesis, and the young people (I have refrained from using the word kids) are enjoying it. I am too.

Yesterday I'm afraid there was a bit of drama.

It all started at 3:30 AM when I awoke to use the bathroom. I thought I had flipped on the light switch, but nothing happened, so I figured I just missed it. But then I was worried the power went out, and would come on and give me a heart attack, because our house alarm always goes off too. And I can never push the right buttons in the middle of the night, and end up worried someone's actually broken in. So I layed (I know it's not the proper word) back down in bed and plugged my ears just in case it turned on soon.

And then I waited in a half-asleep/worried state for the next hour or so, then fell asleep for real. When we awoke in the morning, there was still no power, and I fully expected it to come on any minute. Well, my expectations never did get fulfilled.

We had scheduled a Dr. appt. for Snow White in the afternoon since I found a rather large crack in her cast, and was concerned about it. I had no idea what she could have possibly done to crack it like that, and thought maybe it was just another welcome to Africa- this is how things are done kind of deal. Ya know?

Apparently it had been there all along, the good doc informed me, so that she would have room to wiggle her fingers. Oops. So I just hadn't noticed it is all. He actually chuckled and said "This is really hard. She could never crack it like that herself."

Duly noted

So when we got home the power came on after five minutes. Which was a relief because I was beginning to worry about the state of the milk. I hadn't let the kids open the fridge since the power went out, so they had crackers and peanuts for breakfast. And McDonald's for lunch. I know, 'Mom of the Year', here I come. But then the power promptly went out two minutes later.

And it didn't come back on.

This posed a problem because people were coming to stay with us on Friday, and I hadn't had the time to wash the sheets yet. Or shower myself. And I wasn't sure how much hot water we had because I washed a big load of dishes just that morning. Just like I usually do.

Well, the girls and I busied ourselves making earrings, and they played outside for the remainder of the afternoon because it's becoming spring outside, and I thought about what in the world we were going to do for dinner. Because it had been twelve hours with no power at that point, and I wasn't about to open the fridge and let warm air get inside and spoil all my food.

So the Prince gets home, sees we have no power, and promptly tells us all to get ready to go out to dinner. OUT TO DINNER!! Wow. We haven't done that in a LONG time. (McDonald's for lunch doesn't even count, so don't go there.) So I made the girls change their clothes, wash their faces, brush their hair, and we went. We tried a new place, Papachinos, and it was FANTASTIC.

The atmosphere was relaxed, they have a large outside play place that is all walled in with electric fence, so the kids are secure, and the food was really good. I brought half of mine home, so we really got our money's worth. We don't normally hang out after dinner and just chat and have a cappuccino or anything, but we did last night. The kids and I all had hot chocolate, and the Prince had a cappuccino. It was a nice, relaxing evening. We'll go there again.

So on the way home we see our neighborhood still doesn't have power, so I am all geared up to get the paraffin lamps set and put candles in the bathrooms so we can all see what we're doing. That's finished, then the kids and I decide to have a coloring night, and spread coloring books and colored pencils all over the coffee table. Most of the leads are broken, so while the Prince begins a sharpening marathon, I decide, while I have a little battery left in my computer, to check my email and make sure I have the flight details down for the next day.

So I'm reading, and I swear I must have the date wrong, because isn't today....WHAT?!?

[running to the calendar with an oil lamp in my hand] OH NO!!!



[Me scrambling to get kids' shoes back on, running around blowing out candles and lamp, and scooting kids toward the car.]

So much for a relaxing evening.

I can't believe I thought it was the next day! What with the power being off, I guess my brain followed suit. All the way there I kept telling the kids with me that I felt like such a jerk, and I hope they didn't already get a hotel, etc. Thank God there wasn't much traffic, and we parked and hustled to the airport, all the while keeping an eye peeled for them standing at the curb with a mean look on their faces.

I sighed with relief that we didn't find them in that state.

We rush into the lobby and check the board. The flight was delayed? Four hours?!?

I almost collapse with relief. God is so good to me, even when I almost make an idiot of myself. We arrived at the airport at 8:20 PM, and their flight, due to delays, was scheduled to arrive at 8:30. Don't think I could have planned that one any better myself. Whew!

While we were waiting for them to arrive, we bumped into other missionary friends who work with Word of Life and were picking up their kids who had been in the States for five weeks, and who are my kids' friends. So it was nice to chat with them, and relax my mind a bit, and they were interested in hearing we were the reason God delayed the flight so long. Never felt so special in all my life. :0)

And then I leaned over to the Prince and asked if we really needed to tell our friends who were flying in that we almost forgot them. And he told me we better explain why the sheets weren't freshly washed, and why our stuff for coloring was out all over the place.

Oh yeah, that.

So to make a long story short, (Group response: "Too Late!"- name the movie) when we got home the electricity was restored, our friends were too tired to eat anything but peanut butter and jelly, all our beautiful home school materials arrived safely with them, and they looked through and bought some of our earrings as well. (Though they grossly overpaid too, those cheeky Americans!)

It turned out to be a fine night.

[wipes brow in relief]

But I am dragging today just a bit. We got home after ten thirty, then had to unpack the loot, then one of the ladies wanted a shower and needed to do some ironing (which is totally understandable and not a problem at all) so we went to bed about 1:30 AM. (Well, I have to read before bed you know. I could have been asleep about 12:45 otherwise.) Then we woke at 5:15 to get breakfast ready and pack everything up and head to the airport again.

I think it's gonna be a long weekend, what with Bible Club today, a Deaf choir concert tomorrow night, and Snow White's birthday on Sunday. There must be present shopping and cake making/decorating happening sometime in there, and frankly I am tempted to give her an early birthday wish and "just buy a birthday pie this time, Mom. That's what I really want."

Um, I would never do that to her normally, but today I'm really considering it.

But you know I won't go through with it. What's there to blog about that?


  • impromptu-mom

    I'm so glad that everything worked out. I forget what day it is more times than you can imagine a functioning adult could do. Luckily. it usually only effects myself, lol.

    Oh and the movie is "Clue". Classic.

  • Erin

    YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you made it! And glad the homeschool stuff is in your hands!

  • karly

    I think I'm gonna have to stop reading your blog because your life is just so b-o-r-i-n-g! I need some more action! ;)

    Praise the Lord it all worked out and you can laugh about it now. Right? :)

    And, I just have one question: Does the electric fence at the restaurant keep the kids in by shocking them to stay, or keep other, bad people out? Or what? That scares me a little..... :)

    Oh, and P.S. Looking forward to seeing yummy cake OR pie pictures from Snow White's birthday. Both would suffice for me. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  • JulieMom

    Whew, I am so glad too!

    Impromputu-mom you got it right! Way to go at naming the movie reference. I didn't think anyone else had actually WATCHED that movie. :0)

    Erin- the homeschool stuff is so remarkable organized and together that it's all already on the shelves in order, just waiting for us to dig in. Ahhh..

    Karly- The electric fencing is only at the top of the wall, so the kids can't reach it unless they REALLY try. And if their parents aren't watching them, then they deserve to get shocked.

    Did I really say that out loud? Oops! :0) And the blog today has a teaser of the birthday cake. There's a tutorial coming tomorrow.

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