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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Children Worry Entertain Me

Don't worry- you haven't arrived at the wrong blog- it's still me, JulieMom. Same mediocre content, now in a prettier wrapper. Plus, I got to make a new header. Isn't it cute?

Yeah, I know.

Tonight we have a dear friend coming to stay overnight on her way through to Zambia. I am pretty excited about it! She doesn't eat onions or garlic, so I've ruled out just about every dish I make except breakfast. We're having that for dinner. But not the gravy. I'm just not up to it. I'd rather sit and chat with her than have to wash dishes all night, ya know?

There have been a couple conversations around here lately that have made me think I'm raising a bunch of snobs. I don't know where they get the information they relay to each other, but none of them seem to think the things that come out of their mouths are in any way corrupt or judgmental. For example:

We were driving to church on Sunday and the girls were having a conversation in the back seat. Somehow the topic of conversation turned to dentistry and teeth. Observe:

Snow White: Mom, I think I need to see the dentist soon. My teeth feel dirty.

: Did you brush them this morning?

Snow White
: Um, I forgot.

: Well, then. Are you surprised?

: You know, I bet dentists are rich. Remember in the Pee Wee Scouts books how Rachel is always bragging that her Dad is a tooth doctor and rich? I wish our Dad was a dentist.

Sleeping Beauty
:I think it depends on what you do there. Like, if you take care of the teeth- rich. If you're just the receptionist- middle class. Totally.

Now, I do not remember teaching a Valley Girl Speech Seminar with our curriculum this year, or ever discussing people's possible financial status with them before. I'm not sure where Sleeping Beauty even picked up the term 'middle class'. But she said it with disdain in her voice. Obviously you receptionists out there live an inferior lifestyle to missionaries. Just so you know.

With BJU DVD homeschool, Snow White has little books that she reads aloud. On the day after they've read it for the first time, special guests are invited to the classroom to read it out loud again with them. It may be some kids from the church there, other teachers, or students from the college. Snow White had preferences for who would show up recently. Observe:

[After reading the book it out loud together]
Me: Great! Next you get to read it out loud with some special guests. Won't that be fun?

Snow White
: I guess so. I just hope it's not that boy who lisps all the time.

: [stunned silent then cracking up]

Is it just me, or does that sound completely snobby?? I have not trained them to be that way, I assure you. Where did that thought come from? Especially if you've ever heard Snow White talk, you'll notice she has a tiny lisp thing going on. So for her to slam someone else really cracked me up. I tried not to laugh, but I was so surprised by what she said that it just popped out.

I have since spoken with the girls about these issues, and am happy to report they had no idea those things were impolite. Well, I don't know if that makes me happy, exactly. I mean it's good they didn't say them to be mean on purpose, but I am surprised they didn't already know it wasn't polite.

What have your kids said to embarrass/shock you? (G-rated please!)


  • Brenda

    OH I love the new design!!!!The header is very cute.

    Hmm. My kids seem to think WE are the inferior class and feel sorry for themselves with their "not rich house." I've shared that. So we'd better not come visit you as your kids might call us "middle classsssss." :)

  • WendyMom

    Love the new layout and header!

    Um, there's not enough room here for me to list all the things that my kids have said that embarrass me- but now we're entering the phase where when Eric or I make a joke or act goofy, the two older ones go, "Moooommm, you're EMBARRASSING me"

    YES!! Payback, baby, it's a comin'

    Love yer face-

  • JulieMom

    Brenda- I do remember that. But your girls would know we're not rich because we don't have stairs. :0)

    Wendy- Oh I love that! Mine haven't told me that yet, but I do get the "mo-om" from Snow White when I tease her and she knows I'm teasing.

    Love it!

  • Spesamor Academy

    I love the new design!
    The worst my kids have said (so far) is the following conversation between my two oldest...
    Kaytie started singing a made up song, "I love everybody" (x100) then she started adding verses... "Even the Chinese."
    Nate was scandalized! "KAYTIE! You don't love the Chinese! They don't even speak English!"
    Kaytie was startled, "They don't?"
    "No, they speak Spanish."
    I was trying so hard not to laugh in front of them that it took me awhile to explain that "even" might be considered demeaning, and that the Chinese speak Chinese, and that it doesn't matter what language someone speaks, we love them.

  • karly

    LOVE the new look around here! Makes me want to redo my blog. You know, the one I never post at anymore? ;)

    One thing that comes to mind is that my daughter is getting more comfortable telling people we homeschool. So, we are at a garage sale and the woman asks her how old she is. My daughter responds that she is 5 1/2 and then the lady asks her if she is in Kindergarten.

    My very kind daughter replies, "We homeschool. But we don't do it very often. That's my mom's fault."


  • JulieMom

    Oh no!

    Spesamor- That is TOO FUNNY! I love it!

    Karly- We all forgive you. Pregnancy is not easy. You can blame it for your non-homeschooling days. HA!

  • WendyMom



    And snort my coffee- but that wasn't as fun...


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