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Monday, June 22, 2009

How a Batch of Father's Day Cookies Turned into a Load of Laundry and a Prison Sentence

For Father's Day this year I had a plan. I had done research on the internet and everything. We sequestered the Prince into the bedroom on Saturday and didn't let him come out until everything was done. (And let me tell you it took about four hours. Lots to do! Good thing the master has a bathroom!) That's the prison sentence, the Prince was NOT allowed to leave that room!

Anyway, we had been out earlier in the day to get Cinderella new shoes, and we succeeded. We also stopped by the store so I could get the Prince some special things for breakfast the next morning, and for the cold coffees he likes. I guess a real coffee person would say "iced" coffee, but to me it's just cold coffee. Hot or cold is gross anyway.

So the girls and I planned that we would make sugar cookies, flood them with royal icing, and then decorate the snot out of them. And they were going to be gorgeous. I had such visions. Here's the inspiration photo:Aren't they pretty? I liked them first of all because they were muted colors, and more manly. They look classy. Not like all those cartoon-type tie cookies and tool cookies I've seen on the 'net. These were exactly what I wanted.

The first problem was that we didn't get home until around 3 PM. Which means I didn't even start mixing up the cookie dough until around 4 PM. (Because of logistics of putting things away, etc.) And they're cut-outs, so they're time consuming and messy. (Flour all over the counter, etc.) Oh, and the fact that you have to bake them.

I doled out chores to the girls, and they snapped to it. The oldest washed dishes, made a HUGE puddle on the floor, and wiped it up with a gazillion kitchen towels. Hence the load of laundry. Then the other sisters tracked through it and I had to go ahead and mop the whole kitchen anyway.

After that I realized I didn't have any powdered sugar. Well, I had some, but not near enough to make the royal icing to fill the cookies with. My master plan was breaking down rapidly. I asked a friend (who had just left the grocery store) if she had any I could borrow, but she did not. Nuts! I had gotten home just a while before, was in the middle of this "GREAT FATHER'S DAY PLAN" and didn't want to leave the house. And it was dark. And I was tired already. Plus I remembered my Sunday School lesson wasn't fully completed yet.

What was I thinking?!?

So as I was chatting with my friend since kindergarten, impromptu-mom, on Google chat, I decided to make my own powdered sugar. With regular sugar. In the blender.
It looked fine, powdery as all get out, but I could still hear some crunchiness of sugar crystals when I mixed it around with my spatula. So I whirred it again. And again. Then I decided it was good enough, tossed it with my leftover powdered sugar from the store, and made the royal icing.

From the start there was something wrong. I didn't want to admit it was my homemade powdered sugar, so I blamed humidity. Then I blamed the blender, then the mixer. I would have blamed Obama had he been here at the time. I'm not quite sure it wasn't partially his fault anyway.

It mixed up to a usable consistency, but when I tried to pipe it (using my smallest tip) it kept getting stuck. The sugar crystals were too big. Ugh! I didn't want to remove the tip and put the larger one on (I don't know why, I just didn't) so I suffered through it. And that probably added ten minutes (at least) to the outlining portion of this fiasco.

I also had accumulated more dirty dishes from the cookie making and the icing making, so again Sleeping Beauty was requested to wash more dishes. (I now owe her ten Rand. Which is a dollar and forty two cents.) Again she flooded the kitchen, and again I mopped. I hadn't started the prep work for the breakfast casserole I was planning to make, which has to be refrigerated overnight, so I asked her to please brown the sausage while Cinderella buttered bread and put it in the casserole dish.

Meanwhile I was trying to salvage the cookies, because the frosting was just not right. But I pressed on. I filled those cookies and saw the little crystals of sugar smirking at me the whole time. And I refrained from sticking my tongue out at them.

And you know what? Everything got done, the kitchen was clean, and I was in bed by eleven. And...

those troublesome cookies turned out cute! I love how the sugar that didn't dissolve makes them shimmer a little. And while I wouldn't do that on purpose again just to get the effect, it was nice to have a little perk to the time consuming mess I thought I was making.

And I think I may have mentioned in another post that I would never make the cookies and decorate them all in the same day again. Hmmm, I haven't learned a blessed thing.

Well, here are those pesky cookies. I did a brown icing too, because it's manly. They're not exactly like the inspiration cookies, but can you blame me? I just wanted them DONE.
The casserole was yummy, the candlelight breakfast was special, and the chocolate covered strawberries were GREAT. It was a huge success all around.

Except, you know, for the planning part.

And I admit that I left about a third of the cookies plain. I filled them in with purple last night and let the girls decorate them today. It was fun.

But next time, I'll ask you to pull me back to Earth when I decide to start a project like that so late in the day. So dish: ever happened to you, these visions of grandeur?


  • karly

    So. Does that mean the Prince didn't eat dinner because he was sequestered from 3-7? Or 4-8? Or 3- 11 when you got to bed? :)

    You know, I am SURE visions of grandeur have overcome me. This last Christmas comes to mind when, a week before Christmas, I decided to start and finish 6 scrapbook calendars for 6 different family members. Of course, each calendar has 12 pages to scrapbook. Times that by 6 and you have me burning the midnight oil. :)

    You did a FABULOUS job on the cookies. You need to stop posting about them, though. I really, really want one. Or ten. ;)

  • Brenda

    Oh dear. I have done this to myself so. many. times. But I didn't have little helper elves around. That's a nice touch.

    I remember the year I made the little santa cookies out of nutter butters and it was time to go to the party and I was in the kitchen in near tears trying to make the chocolate chip hat-ball things stick on like they should. Husband sort of just looked like he was worried about me.

  • JulieMom

    Karly- I LOVE to scrapbook, but that's a LOT of pages to do at once! And if you're really good I'll mail you some cookies when I come home next year, ok? :0)

    Brenda- I know the feeling. Why do things have to be like that? And why can't the hubbies be helpful instead of looking worried? They give advice about everything else without being asked...you'd think they could come up with a solution. Did they turn out though?

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