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Friday, June 19, 2009

Fitness Friday: The David Copperfield Edition

Get it? Because he's a master of illusion? Oh, never mind.

Today for Fitness Friday, Brenda asked us to give our best tips for dressing slim. Making yourself look a little smaller, or perkier, or just plain better. And the first thing I thought of was dressing for your shape. There's a great website where you can find out what shape you are by entering your measurements. Then they make recommendations of types of clothes you should wear accordingly. It's pretty cool! (Though I don't buy their clothes. A bit pricey.) I'm an 'M' by the way.

Since I already gave you a website to help you the right way, you can assume that all the examples from here on out will be the wrong way to dress. Okay?

Now, onto the helpful examples. Layering can be an effective way to mask many body issues. Layering can make a large bust appear smaller, it can shrink your waistline, and hide a poochy tummy. Of course, there is a wrong way to do this. Let's learn, shall we?
This is a classic example of belt misappropriation. They layers are all wrong here. The dress is too poofy, the sweater too small, and trying to cinch it all in at the middle just makes the portions above and below look bad. And those leggings have to go. Stripes are only good for candy canes. Remember: layers should match. Always.

Secondly, wear clothing that makes you happy. It can affect your whole mood.

Clearly this man is not happy in this outfit. And why should he be? The color is all wrong for him, distended sleeve bows and two-tone metallic-ish material went out in the 80s (thank God!), and that necklace doesn't even match! And if this is for the office, it's way too formal. That's another tip: wear clothing appropriate for the task.
See, there's a lot to learn!

Next, let's talk about fit. There's something to be said for wearing clothes that do absolutely no damage to internal organs. Let's just consider that a fashion "must", shall we? And also, people shouldn't have to look at how your hands are turned to tell which way you're facing. The woman below looks like her tum is a bum, no?

And the last tips I'll leave you with today are found in the photo below. Can you figure them out before I tell you? The first is: When having a freakishly long neck, don't try and disguise it by wearing a thick shell-like necklace. It only makes it worse.

The second is: Perms aren't always the right look for women, or men. Make sure your 'do doesn't detract from your face. Or your earrings. One other valuable lesson: When wearing chaps, make sure they go all the way around, and aren't just an iron-on. Covering only the front half of your thigh can make them seem large. Obviously not on these thin men, but it could happen.

Only you can prevent inappropriate and disturbing fashion. Only you.



  • karly

    This was SO helpful! So helpful! I have almost made the chaps mistake. I'm so glad you called me on it. ;)

    Great post, JulieMom! :) LOVED it!

  • gin

    your advice was waaaaay better than mine! loved it :)

  • Giovanna

    I TOTALLY LOVED YOUR POST, THAT WAS AWESOME! That whole "which way your hands are facing was hilarious" ! Thank you so much for that laugh. The man in the dress reminded me of how I felt at the last wedding I had to be in as a bridesmaid! Ugh, that thing went straight in the trash when I got home that night!!!

  • Brenda

    Oh THANK YOU JulieMom!!!! I loved your tips!!

    shouldn't have to look to see which way your hands are turned....I'll try to remember that one.

    You know all this is going to do is make me crack up when I see someone making a fashion mistake in public, right?

  • JulieMom

    Aw, thanks gals! I just knew the one about the tum/bum would be helpful. Never forget that! :0)

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    Thanks for this VERY funny and informative post, Julie

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