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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Strawberry Farm

Edited to add: I forgot to put up the pics! So here is the link to the photobucket gallery.

I tell you what, after all the dirt and grime and walking we did at the Elephant Sanctuary, I was looking forward to having some relaxing spa treatments. I have never had stuff like that done before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, I've had pedicures before, but no "spa treatments" to speak of.

Here's the line-up of what treatments we were planning to have done:
Full body hot stone massage
Brown Sugar Hand Treatment
Brown Sugar Foot Treatment
Indian Head Massage
Relaxing Facial

Our day also included lunch and tea/coffee breaks. Nice!

When we were shown to our room, I must admit I was disappointed. The picture on the internet showed a modern room with nice tile, etc. We were given a room that had not been remodeled yet. And even though it was nicely decorated, I felt a little let down. The carpet on the floor was a but worn, and the bathroom was like being in the old one my Gran had in her basement. Not nice.

However- the rooms where the spa treaments were done were very nicely appointed. I found out on the morning we were leaving that they're in the middle of remodeling and moving all the spa things to the back of the property, away from all the other things going on. I think that's a GREAT idea. It will be awesome once it's finished.

Now, onto the treatments. I don't have pictures of these, because we were in our bathing suits, and frankly, I'm not into exposing myself all over the internet. The hand and foot treatments were very nice and relaxing. So much so, that the Prince fell asleep and (softly) snored! The scrub was great for smoothing our skin, and the massage was fantastic. I felt so loose and alive afterwards! (And a bit sleepy.)

The full body hot stone massage was nice, but a little eek. I had to remove my suit top (in a discreet way, of course so that the massage lady didn't see anything but my back) and I was a little skeeved out by that at first. But it was REALLY relaxing. The hot stones are WAY hot, and it hurt for two or three nanoseconds. Then the heat just penetrated my muscles, and it felt awesome. The massage was a little hard for me, but I asked for her to lighten the pressure which she did. I do admit that I was sore for three days after on my shoulders. I'm just way sensitive I guess.

The Indian head massage was not a favorite of mine. They put oil in your hair, and I am NOT a fan of people touching my hair- let alone rubbing oil around in it. I wouldn't have that done again. The Prince, however- fell asleep again. Snored again. Lightly, but I could tell he was relaxed, LOL.

The facial was probably one of my favorite things. They products they use smell so good, and I really felt like my face was clean when it was over. That was a huge benefit. The music and atmosphere was really conducive to falling asleep. You have to have your shoulders free of material, and also the tops of your pectoral muscles (aka boobs), and THAT was skeevy as well. I think next time I would say "Just skip the boob massage, ok? Really, I'm good."

For dinner that night we went to a place called African Swiss. I had found the place on the internet when I was looking for local restaurants. When we first got there, we weren't sure where to park, because I was convinced it should be a bigger building. So we passed it, and had to go back. At first glance too, you see the open plan kitchen, which makes it look like you've made it to a warehouse or something instead of a restaurant. I was a bit put off by that.

When we entered the dining room, there was one couple other than us, an old man with his computer etc in the back, and three, count them three, dogs. INSIDE the eating area. That didn't bother me so much because they were just kind of there, not running from table to table wanting to be fed.

However, the website makes the restaurant look like it's constantly packed with people. I was worried there weren't many. The dining room is also very sparsely furnished, and that concerned me. But, after a while the owner came to speak with us, and I could tell that he is a very laid back person who wants your dining experience to be the same. He wants you to feel like you're at home, and once we settled in a bit (and I got over my fears) it DID feel like being in someone's dining room.

I had salmon for the first time since being in SA. And I LOVE salmon. I was so happy to see it not smoked. I can hardly describe how good it tasted. But I couldn't eat it all because it was such a huge portion. We relaxed and were able to have good conversation, and take our time leaving. It was a great experience, and I would definitely go there again if we were in the area. The food was THAT GOOD.

Back at the farm, we had a very pleasant night's sleep, and relaxed. No rush in the morning, as breakfast wasn't until 8:30 or 9:00. We took our time getting up and ready. Breakfast was lovely. A true SA breakfast. Eggs, sausages or bacon, mushroom (for me- the Prince hates them), grilled tomato, toast, coffe or tea or juice, and a fruit and yogurt parfait. Too much food, but really delicious.

The Strawberry Farm is also open during strawberry seaon for "pick your own" strawberries. We plan to bring a picnic and the kids and spend a day there. The surrounds are lovely, with a pond and trees and all kinds of animals. The pictures you'll see are of the grounds. And I might add that the whole experience (Spa treatments, overnight stay, lunch and breakfast) cost just a tad more than what one treatment would cost in the States. It was a lovely experience and I really recommend it- but ask for a suite different than the Pecan Room.


  • Luanne

    Bummer about the room...you were on aroll for luxurious sleep space!! I totally know what you felt in your disappointment. I've been there before too. Some spa treaments creep me out too. I'm just not into all the disrobing either. And when you are uncomfortable, it can make you more tense, which defeats the purpose!! But at least now you know what they are like and you can say you had them :) I am thoroughly enjoying your vacation commentary!! Thank for sharing it with us !!

  • karly

    This is my favorite line: "Just skip the boob massage, ok? Really, I'm good."

    That has me cracking up! :)

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