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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fitness Friday: Weather Me This...

Our fearless leader Brenda is off this week saving the whales or something (since she didn't give specifics, I don't know where she really is, so she could be at a chocolate convention for all I know...) and Karly has graciously stepped in as the hostess this week for Fitness Friday. So hop on over when you're done with this post (hopping is GREAT exercise!) and see what the other ladies are up to.

Right now in SA (South Africa) we are heading into winter. And it definitely feels like it. Last night we took our friends out for their 25th anniversary to a Greek restaurant, and I thought my hands would FREEZE! It was down to 47 degrees. In Africa!

Anyway, what does this mean for my fitness routine? It means more aggressiveness when getting out of bed. Why? Because the houses here don't have central heat or air like the houses in the US, which means the temp outside is pretty much the temp inside. Add to that tile floors through most of the house, and you're cold pretty much all the time in winter.

So, in order to move my hiney out to the gym, I've got to be super-diligent in getting ready in the morning. I'd much rather stay in my toasty bed with the heated mattress pad, but I can't. Plus, the kids have homeschool, and I just happen to be the superintendent/teacher's assistant.

What we've done is just get more active as a family. I'd like to start walking around our neighborhood in the mornings, and getting to the gym when I can. It's really hard with our schedule, which I think I've mentioned before. But we have to go twice a month or we lose our membership and have to re-register. (For about a hundred bucks each!)

I also need to increase my water intake because I suffer from dry skin. Washing dishes has given my hands a BAD redness that hurts. So, I have taken to using rubber gloves. What does this have to do with my health and fitness? Nothing. Just thought I'd share. :0)

Anyway, we are still eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Keeping up with the vegetarian dishes a couple times a week, (which will be easy since many of them are soups!) and staying away from sugar. Even though Sleeping Beauty made pecan chocolate chip cookies, and I have eaten at least one every day. I know, I know, but it's only until they're gone.


My goals haven't really changed. I still want to make it to the gym, and I am still watching what we're eating. Since we're going into winter though, and will be eating soups and things, I just have to make sure I watch the amount of carbs consumed with the soups. (aka bread, rolls, dumplings) That won't be too hard for me, but the Prince has a definite carb tooth which he exercises often. I need to be more diligent for his sake as well.

I hope you're all having a great week, and have stuck to your goals. Happy weekend!


  • Luanne

    brrr...no heat?? Wow, you sound like you have your plan in place. I like breads with soups too. I need to cut back on that as well! Water is definitely a good thing to increase. And tea could warm you up on those cold mornings too!

    And thanks for sharing about your dishpan hands....hehe!

  • karly

    I think she *is* at a chocolate convention. (I told her to get me some.) ;)

    It would be hard to get out of bed if it were getting cold.... but, my motivation is having to go twice a month to avoid that huge fee! And see, I would want to go MORE than twice a month because I wouldn't want anyone to think that I'm only going to avoid the fee. Well, at least I think that anyway.

    Keep on keepin' on, Juliemom!

  • gin

    can i come to your house? 47 degrees seems like heaven right now :) althoug, i am sure if i were in your shoes (or on your tile floor) i would be wanting warmer days! i am just a fickle person if it isn't a comfy 72 degree, ya know? anyway...

    i think you can do it!! even with the crazy house/school schedule :) go for it!!

  • Denise

    Cheering you on.

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