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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ah...We're Home....

For a day. The Prince decided since we have a month off from the college and other extra ministry things, that we will take some time, as a family, to decompress and regroup. So, tomorrow we are headed off to the Drakensberg Mountains. They are south of here, and extend into Lesotho. (Which is a small country totally enclosed by South Africa.)

We are taking a week off, and will be spending it at the Wyford Farm. It's a historical farm, still in use today, and they have cottages they rent which they call self-catering. This means there is a full kitchen where we can cook for ourselves. It's right in central Drakensberg, which means we will be SURROUNDED by mountains. They have horses, cows, pigs, and other farm animals the kids can play with and be entertained by.

We are not planning to do much sight-seeing. Sometimes "vacation" can seem as busy as our regular schedule. So I am taking plenty to read, we're bringing games, the little DVD player and movies, and we plan to have fun together! We'll be doing mountain hikes, and we will see a few things in the area. One is the Drakensberg Boys' Choir which has free concerts every Wednesday night at their school.

There are also several places that boast having rock art, which is another name for cave paintings. But we'll have to be careful with that, because the website mentions shaman, and trances and stuff- things that would terrify my kids and isn't necessarily good to put in ANY of our minds. So that's probably a no-go.

Anyhoona, all that said to tell you I will be AWOL this week. Thanks for putting up with me the past few days of re-posting old stuff. I will be making a million posts from my trip with the Prince to all the great places I mentioned before. Have a great up-coming week!

(This will be the first Sunday we will miss since we've been here, so please pray that everything at our church would go well in our absence. We believe it will, but you never know. Thanks!)


  • Luanne

    That sounds fabulous!! Have a wonderful time regrouping and connecting with your family :)

  • Eaglemyst

    Can't wait to hear about your relaxing vacation! Blessings!

  • Laura Lou

    Julie, the winner of the crafting & cooking books never responded, so I did another random draw. You're it!! Send me your address at wasted.textbooks@gmail.com, and I'll pass it on to the author!! I'm thrilled you won.

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