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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Tenth Anniversary

This year on May 15th, the Prince and I will be celebrating our tenth anniversary. We won't actually be going on a trip or anything the day of, but we are celebrating before that. We have a great missionary friend who is willing to leave her hubby and son to stay with our girls at our house for three days.



Would you like to know what we'll be doing? Ok, I'll tell you.

On Monday, May 4th, we will be leaving our kiddos and driving to Mabula Game Reserve. It's only about an hour's drive, but will feel like a world away. Everyone who's been there says it's fantastic (a word SA people use a lot to describe things they like), so we are thrilled they had a vacancy.
School holidays, etc. are just over, so we shouldn't be surrounded by traveling families. Which is nice, since we're leaving our kids home for a reason. The food is supposed to be outstanding (though Fitness Friday girls can be assured I will eat with awareness, not self-indulgence!) and the game drives boast the Big Five of Africa.

On Tuesday we will be leaving there and driving to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort. This is going to be SO COOL! Here, we get to walk with the elephants, holding their trunks, we can have a ride, we get to feed and brush them, have a fancy four-course dinner, and stay overnight in a very nice room.

The morning offers more time with the elephants, talks about conservation, and a world-class breakfast on an observation deck, watching the elephants. Altogether we'll get to be with them for about five hours. (I think.) I've never been up close to them before, but from my car when I've seen them, they're MASSIVE. I can only imagine how much larger they will seem up close. Cannot wait!

From there on Wednesday morning, we drive 14 km to Tangaroa, the strawberry farm. We found this place on an interactive map of Hartbeespoort when we started planning our trip. I was not aware there was a 'Pick Your Own' strawberry farm here in SA, so I am thrilled to even know this place exists! We will definitely be going there when strawberry season starts up again.
After I added my name to a list that will notify me when the strawberries are ripe, they sent another email with spa package specials. And I am not kidding when I say the prices are phenomenal. They do a whole EIGHT HOUR DAY of spa treatments for the price of one treatment in the US. And it includes an overnight and lunch! We may also add the candlelight picnic basket option for the end of the day. (The prices are unbelieveably reasonable.) Doesn't that sound lovely?

Thursday we will take our time leaving, and have a last lunch out. Then we'll be going back to the doc to check the Prince's feet. (He had ingrown toenails removed. Ew. Enough said.) They should be fully recovered by then, so that will be great.

We're excited about the getaway, and even more excited that we've had ten VERY happy years together. It seems like the time has flown by. I didn't realize it had already been ten years! Wow. God has definitely blessed me with my Prince, and I couldn't be happier. We have been through things that have knitted us together, and God has seen fit to bless us with splendid girls. I have a great life and a great family.

What did you do for your tenth anniversary?


  • Megan

    THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! (pardon me for yelling, but I am excited for you!) Have a wonderful time. For our 10 year, we decided we would take a trip to NYC. I had traveled there on business a few times and couldn't wait to show T around. And then, well, we decided to build a house. And it took all our money. And so instead we went out to eat while Gma and Gpa N watched the boys. But still fun, and I do love our house. :)
    btw, where did you get married?

  • JulieMom

    Hey Megan! Building a house sounds like a GREAT decision. A trip can wait!

    We got married in Rochester, NY. My hubby is from NYC, no joke! Grew up in Queens. And don't worry- I'll post PLENTY of pictures for you. :0)

  • karly

    Can I come? Oh, I mean, SOUNDS FANTASTIC!! (You probably wouldn't want the company of a pregnant lady anyway. Ahem.)

    We went out to dinner for Mexican. But I had morning sickness. Bleh. Oh well, there's always the 11th anniversary. Or next week! :)

  • impromptu-mom

    Oh you guys will have so much fun!

    We were in negotiations for a new house (that we didn't actually buy, after all) so we didn't go away. I think we went to the movies (maybe? I don't actually remember)

  • gin

    wow! i am totally jealous of your plans!! we celebrate our tenth this year in november, and i am clueless as to what to do! i know the Knight wants to get away, but i always have issues with leaving my children for overnighters...may have to get over it, eh? hope you have a great time!!

  • Victoria

    Hey - that's close enough to the safari trip I asked for. I'll hop on the next plane. You won't even know I'm there.


    Our 10th was YEARS ago (well, 5). We spent 5 days in NH. In Sept. we'll celebrate 15 years - I better start scheming, er, planning. I'm not seeing elephants involved, however.

  • Spesamor Academy

    That sounds like so much fun! :) Have a great time!

    I'll let you know about our tenth anniversary in a couple of years. :) After we have it. I can't imagine it being as spectacular as yours though.

  • Megan

    Oh how funny you got married in NY. When you marry someone from your hometown, you don't have a good excuse not to get married in said hometown. So I'm guessing you know where we got married. :)

    And yes, Doug definitely resembles his father and that side of the family. I think it's the blue eyes like Tina and Delmar. Tina's little guy Henry and Doug have some baby pictures that look similar too. Gotta love genetics.

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