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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fitness Friday: Awesomeness Abounds

Awesomeness is:

1. My daughter asking me "Were cars called 'cars' when you were little, or were they still called 'automobiles'?

2. Having to beat the Prince off with a stick because he likes my new emerging shape. A lot.

3. Pulling up the jeans and other pants because they slide down during normal activities.

4. Getting healthy meals on the table most nights.

5. Realizing that food is not the Be-All, End-All to this life. Other things are more important.

6. Getting to the gym five days a week. (You know, when it happens.)

7. Having the ladies' prayer group back home ask me where my other chin went. (They meant it in a nice way. Don't be offended for me. It was true.)

8. Seeing my girlfriends in the blogosphere make and stick with their goals.

Awesomeness has many different definitions. Two more things that have nothing whatsoever to do with health and fitness (kinda like #1) would be:

9. Making tenth anniversary plans and having things be WAY cheaper than anticipated.

10. Getting the pictures from Cinderella's birthday to finally load.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. See you next Friday. Happy weekend!


  • Great-Granny Grandma

    Sounds like you're doing great. You go girl!

  • Luanne

    Wow! You are dong so fantastic!! BTW, I wanted to join in to your organizing blog carnival but just didn't get the pics taken!! I have been organizing though :)

    Anyways, I am very inspired by your #2 reason...fun, fun, fun :) Keep up the good work and see you next week!!

  • TAMI

    How fun to need a "stick"!! You've been doing awesome all along - at least as long as I've been peeking in. You're a GREAT encouragement to the rest of us!

  • Laura Lou

    Awesome!! I cannot wait for my second butt to disappear!!

  • Brenda

    Love number 2! :)

    Laura Lou--cracking me up!!!!!

  • WendyMom

    As the person who originated the0 question about the 2nd chin- I can truly say I was so amazed at how GOOD you looked, that it just popped out! We are such good friends (who like to tease) that I never thought, until I heard the groans from the other ladies, how rude that may have sounded! I hope I didn't hurt your feelings- and if I did, I am truly sorry. You know I love you girl.

    And, I totally understand the need for the stick- 'cuz you look marvelous! Keep it up- you're inspiring me to keep going....

    Love you-

  • Omah's Helping Hands

    JulieMom, I love and can't wait for #2 to happen! Also like 4 and
    5. What an inspiration you are. I hope to hear those words some day, "where did your second chin go." That would be an awesome feeling. Keep up the great work!!! I'm happy for you. Thanks for giving such great positive remarks and being a very positive supporter. Can't wait to hear more from you!!!

  • gin

    hee hee! i love you post :) i am dreaming of when i can pick up my pants cuz they are too big!! yippee!!! i am curious about your tenth anniv plans...we are coming up on number 10 in november...and i am clueless what to do!!

    i am looking forward to when i want to show off the shape so that i have to use a stick!!

  • JulieMom

    Thanks everyone!

    And WendyMom- asking questions that imply I look fabulous will NEVER hurt my feelings. :0)

    Love you my Friend.

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