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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh The Disappointment!!

Last night we were supposed to Skype with a church in Blue Springs, MO. The Prince and I were VERY excited about it, and had looked forward to it for quite some time. We had gone through our life here in SA and picked out the important and interesting things, and put them in chronological order. The Prince had a great devotion all prepared and everything.

Then the internet happened.

See, we use this company called iBurst. The connection is good, the price is doable, but their finance department is a confused mess. We end up having to call every month and ask, 'Why is our internet not working when we paid before the due date?' Every month there is a different reason, and sometimes the answer is that they don't know.


Since we were to meet them at 3AM our time, 7PM their time (to be the main part of their church service) I decided I would just stay up and wake the Prince when it was time to meet them. If I try to sleep, I am just worried and wake up every ten minutes, paranoid that I've missed the alarm. Then the next day I'm worse off than if I hadn't slept at all. So, I stayed up. The entire time.

I had used the internet yesterday afternoon and not worried one bit that it might not work that night. I decided at about midnight to check and make sure it was working. I attempted to sign in, and it wouldn't work. Uh-oh, I thought. This is not good. I called the customer service line and was first SUPRISED that someone actually answered, and then ANGRY when I was told that it was disconnected due to non-payment.

We paid on February 28th, and it didn't register until this morning, our time, at 8 AM. Five hours AFTER our call was supposed to take place. So when I heard it was disconnected, I typed up everything the Prince planned to say in a Word document, then put together pictures of our ministry so I could upload them to his phone and email them away, hopefully in time for someone to read it outloud while everyone looked at the pictures.

The phone wouldn't sync with the computer, and then the internet on his phone wouldn't work!! I kid you not when I say I worked on it for two hours before it finally worked. But the problem was that I didn't have the pastor's email address in the Prince's phone. It was saved in my Google account on my computer. It wouldn't automatically come up in the "send to" box.

I was more than a little frustrated. Here I am in Africa, too close to the deadline to probably get ahold of anyone, and I can't use the phone or internet. The Prince's phone isn't set up for international calls. Believe me, I tried everything. I even tried to use his phone as a Blue Tooth connection, but it wouldn't work. Totally obnoxious.

So, I have no idea what happened in their church service. I did get an email sent to my home Pastor, and he left a message on someone's phone for us and passed along our document file, but I feel really terrible. I know the Lord has a reason why this all didn't work out, but I was bumming big time. And I feel like we look irresponsible because not only did we not show up, we also did not inform anyone we wouldn't be showing up.

If you attend First Bible Baptist Church in Blue Springs, MO would you please forgive us? Things were REALLY out of our control. I did try my very best, but it was two in the morning by that time, and I was a little grumpy. Can you please tell Randy Adams that we would love to try again in the middle or end of a month? Internet connection seems to be too risky at the beginning.

And if on the off chance that Randy Adams is actually reading this post, know that we did try EVERYTHING to make it last night, and I hope you weren't too put out or disappointed. We really do want to talk with you guys and share all God has been doing in our lives and His ministry here.

Really, we do.

So, we'll chalk this up to God testing my patience (which I definitely need to work on) and try again another day.

Thank you readers for putting up with this venting session. I know it's supposed to be Deep Thought Thursday, but on two hours of sleep the deepest my thoughts get is planning for dinner. And I can't seem to think of anything at this point for that either. Pray for me?


  • Brenda

    Oh how frustrating! I'm sure they didn't think you were irresponsible at all....everone knows it's hard being a missionary! They probably just prayed for you.

    Sorry about all the lost sleep. Glad I don't have to deal with you today. :)

  • karly

    Ugh! Poor JulieMom! I agree with Brenda. I am sure they just covered you in prayer... so you will survive today and that you will figure out dinner.

    Declare "On Your Own" night. Everyone fends for themselves. You will be the best mom in the world! :)

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