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Monday, March 09, 2009

Have You Heard of Twisp?

For those of you not in touch with the latest and greatest in South African technology, here it is. Introducing Twisp: The Electronic Cigarette.

Here is a snippet taken right off their website:

"Twisp Smoking isnt Smoking!

Twisp is not a real cigarette, but a personal and portable vaporiser, that uses micro-electronics and a lithium polymer cell to evaporate nicotine in "smoke" from a replaceable cartridge.

The vapour does not smell nor does it contain tar, carcinogens or smoke particulate found in first and second hand cigarette smoke, but it feels, tastes and looks just like the real thing.

Best of all you can "smoke" your nicotine machine virtually ANYWHERE!

Twisp electronic cigarettes represent the very latest technology in micro vaporisers, being the smallest, lightest and most reliable on the market.

Backed by our 3 month warranty, your Twisp electronic cigarette should pay for itself in less than 6 weeks, not to mention the benefits of not inhaling tobacco smoke."

So, what is your opinion of this? A worthy investment for people really trying to quit? The way to save the rest of us who don't smoke from lung cancer? A really big gimmick that will fade out (if it ever really takes off) in just a short time?

One thing they mention on their site is that there is nicotine in the vapor that comes out of the Twisp, but that nicotine doesn't have carcinogenic properties. What they fail to mention is that it IS highly addictive. So the person who stops smoking cigarettes will now be addicted to the Twisp stick-smokey-thing.

I personally don't think that's cool. Getting people to stop smoking should mean they stop smoking. Not stop real cigarettes and start smoking technologically advanced cigarettes. Their site says they look, feel and taste like the real thing, but they're not.

So, what is the point again?

I would love to hear what you have to say.


  • Brenda

    Well, the saving money thing is very cool--tobacco products can bleed you dry.

    But I would be very interested to know if a real live smoker thought that this was "just like the real thing."

    I somehow doubt it.

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    That's just a bunch of hooey! I've never smoked, but my dad smokes throughout my childhood (thankfully he quit).

    Like Brenda, I highly doubt any smoker would think this is "just like the real thing".

    People want to make everything virtual, these day, don't they? Has real life and real experience gone the way of the dinosaur?

    How again do you quit smoking by smoking a fake cigarette? Couldn't this work in reverse and whet one's appetite for the real thing?

  • Spesamor Academy

    Does it stink? If the smell polution is lessened I vote an enthusiastic YEAH!
    Not that I really believe any real smoker would go for this kind of thing.

    PS you have quite the enviable talent of finding hilarious stuff on the internet!

  • Spesamor Academy

    Oh, second reaction... it's a "diet cigarette"!
    Just like the real thing, but not as bad for you!

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