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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Friday: Life of Ease Edition

Today Brenda has asked us that if we could choose any and all personal assistants (and money was no object) who would you hire, and in what order.

My first gut reaction was to think hard for a minute and come up with nothing. Then I remembered that we are pretending, and that money (in our imaginations) is no object. It didn't take long for my perspective to change.

Oh this is a great question!! I love pretending...

1. Chef- This person would not only cook delicious, balanced, low fat meals that all my family would rave about and love, but they would also be in charge of grocery shopping, meal planning, and keeping our favorite (low fat of course) snacks stocked. And they would wear an official looking uniform to impress our dinner guests. But they wouldn't have to clean up because I would also hire....

2. Cleaning Woman- She will clean up after Chef, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the Prince, and Me, in that order. She will be in charge of all laundry, sweeping, dusting, IRONING (oh it felt good to say that!), wiping, de-web-i-fying, vacuuming, dishes, and bed making. (Wow, do I really *do* all that stuff?!?)

3. Accountant- This person would collect and record every receipt for every item we buy so that the Prince no longer needs to do it, and they would also work money magic and make us independently wealthy so we could help pay down the national debt. Oh I jest! The government wouldn't get one red cent. (Except for taxes of course.). Then the Prince and I can have fabulous meals together (well, we do eat together now- the food just isn't always fabulous) and spent buckets of time just gazing into each other's eyes and remembering the blessing that married life is.


4. Tailor- This person will fix up all the clothes that are too big on me now, and any that change in the upcoming months. Also if something off the rack looks good but not great, they will do that too. Like hemming up the legs of all my pants since I'm a shorty. I guess I should say *she* because I don't want a man doing that stuff!

5. Hair Lady- She would fix my hair when I felt like having her do it. She would listen carefully to what I am saying, and then cut and/or fix it EXACTLY the way I said, and not the way *she* thinks it would look best. She would use all the best products and realize that curly hair was not always meant to be straightened (why do all hairdressers want to do that to me anyway?) but that I should learn to love my curls. Which I have. Oh, and she would also be the pedicure lady.

6. Mechanic- Well, this doesn't really have anything to do with the fitness part but it would be nice to have a guy on staff who can fix everything wrong with our cars and not have to pay him out the wazoo to do it. He would never complain about how long/difficult the job will be, but will do it with a smile on his face as if nothing in the world makes him happier than keeping the royal carriages running smoothly.

7. Decorator- We have so many people popping through here and my kids will be growing and their tastes changing, so I think a decorator would be a nice person to have on hand. Just so that my home looks inviting and warm and not filled with school work as the only wall decor. (It's fine in a school room, but not *every* room.) This person would have knowledge of sewing, painting, staining, sanding, re-covering, and carpentry. And they would NOT be color blind. That's important.

That's it! I guess that's probably more than enough. But I won't be responsible to feed these people. Chef will do that. And they will be paid enough (thanks to our accountant's money know-how) that they could eat out every night if they wanted. But they have to clean up after themselves because the Cleaning Lady is ALL MINE!!

Hope on over to Fitness Friday at Brenda's and see what everyone else would do. Happy weekend!


  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    I can't believe that a tailor never occurred to me!! Great idea.

  • Brenda

    Oh my word HOW HOW HOW did I forget to put MAID on my list??????? I have to go back and revise b/c clearly I had a temporary moment of insanity!!!

    Love the tailor idea. And the decorator and mechanic. These are things I had not thought of. You are very good at pretending! :)

    Wow, your life is going to be fabulous! Will you fly my family out on your private jet to visit?

  • Jennifer

    Okay sign me up for all seven roles, I'm coming back to Joburg! I'm not so good as a a tailor or a mechanic but I will learn, I promise.

  • JulieMom

    Terry- Thank you! The only reason I thought of it is because here in SA you can get your clothes tailored CHEAP!

    Brenda- You SO can come here any time. I do have a friend that's a pilot, so maybe I could convince him to work for me exclusively.

    Jennifer- I'm not sure exactly who you are since I can't see your profile, so I won't be hiring you right away...but if you submit a resume with references...LOL

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    I love your list.

    Now why didn't I think of the tailor and the mechanic (who I would want to be able to fix stuff around the house too).

    The decorator and hair stylist would also be nice--and maybe the hair stylist could do manicures too?

    And someone mentioned a masseuse. That would be sooo relaxing. LOL

  • Mary

    With all that help - how are you going to burn off all those calories?

  • JulieMom

    Granny- Why thank you!!

    Mary- Did I forget to mention the mechanic guy would also be installing our state-of-the-art home gym? Silly me. How could I forget that?

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