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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fitness Friday: My Time Capsule

I am taking my cue from Terry since I was on vacation (not to rub it in again, really) and am making a virtual time capsule for now. Later this week I will get into putting a real one together for myself.

In my time capsule I am including:

- A photo of myself in my swim suit from this past week. And no, you can't see it. I don't need your therapy on my conscience. Or the bills you might happen to send me for it.

- A pair of pants and a shirt that are a little big now, but fit (a bit tightly too I might add) when I first started losing weight.

- A letter to myself from, well, me.

- Pictures of my downfalls. Which right now include Lays plain salted chips, and fresh bread.
(Mmmm....no! Stop thinking about it!!)

- A listing of the things I've been doing for exercise. Just to see where am I in a year. Hopefully I'll be more motivated than I have been lately, and will be at my goal and just maintaining.

- I wish I could put in a jar containing the fat I've lost so far, but since that would be smelly and probably more than a little slippery, and knowing my luck it would leak and get all over everything and ruin the rest of the stuff, I'll leave it out.

Well, that's what's going in mine! And I'll try to make the outside something attractive so it'll catch my eyes, and I won't forget about it. But I'm sure Brenda won't let me. She's good like that. So I'll just stick it in a place where I'll be able to see it and it can motivate me to keep up with what I've been doing.

Pop on over and check out Brenda's post, and of course, check out everyone else's. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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