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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fitness Friday: The Ponies and Rainbows Edition

I did just wake up, so ignore the half-bangs deal.

This post can go SO TOTALLY SARCASTIC, but I will ignore the inner pleadings and do it straight-laced. What is wrong with my brain, anyway? I think whoever messed with it last left it on "sarcasm default".


This was NOT a glorious week at Castle de JulieMom in terms of motivation and perspiration. I have been struggling with an intestinal problem (not a virus, but somewhat of a "clogged pipes" issue, ahem) so there wasn't much motivation to bring my bloated, crampy self to the gym and risk emptying my pipes there. If you know what I mean. I have eaten ok. Alright, I admit it, this week was like I had never heard of Fitness Friday, not ever perticipated and scoffed at those who would do such a silly thing. In other words: it was bad.

BUT- there is hope. I awoke this morning with a gentle stirring, and am now clog-free. (I know, TMI already!) SO I know this week will go better. Let me share with you last week when I weighed in I was down another kilo, so that's good news!

And let me just publicly thank my friend Debba-Deb for sending me some "restraining devices" that should ensure I can walk/run without injuring the upper portion of my female body. And also for the workout clothes she sent so I can give the Prince his back. I must be honest and say I have been wearing the old lady ones with the tiny, imperceptible hole in them, but no more! I now have cute cotton ones that fit WAY better. So thanks Debba-Deb!! You totally rock!

To the task at hand. Finally. Brenda asked us to list things that make us feel good, hence the Ponies and Rainbows title. There are going to be some sarcastic things mixed in here, because I just can't help it. Skip those if you are not a fan.

1. Eating right, and knowing my family is too. That's a biggie. Helping my girls develop healthy habits NOW.

2. Apparently it thrills me to share the details of my colonic health.

3. Planning meals, keeping a meal schedule, and cooking with a purpose. When I'm just throwing something together at the last minute I tend to lean toward carbs because they're quick and easy. Planning ahead assures we have a much more varied (and healthy) menu.

4. Having motivation to be the woman God wants me to be. Meaning? Doing the things I know please God and my husband (i.e. cleaning my house, cooking, being helpful to the kids during school, etc.) When I slack off in these areas, it affects literally everything else.

5. Getting in devotion time with God. I don't mean punching in when I sit down with my Bible, then punching out when I'm done. I mean real devotion time. Not just reading a Proverb and some Psalms, but really doing topic studies. My hubby is awesome to discuss things with. He's smart. And attractive a good listener.

6. Doing fun things with my kids. Last night we had a big craft night. We made bracelets and played with this weird (yet strangely addicting) clay-like substance from Crayola. It was so much fun! I will be posting pics of that on Monday. When I spend quality time with them I am much less prone to be snippy and grumpy, even when they ask me a gajillion questions.

7. When I can tell the Prince is pleased with me. He works very hard, and I don't want him to think I lay around eating bonbons all day. (Although that could describe this past week.) When he is happy to come home and be with us, and there's time for him to do that because I've kept up with my responsibilities, he's happy. And that makes me happy too.

8. Long, rambly posts that seem to have no point or end. Like this one.

9. World peace, helping orphans, prancing unicorns, clothing the homeless, smallish woodland creatures, saying "Let me 'splain- no there is too much. Let me sum up.", breakfast smoothies, thunderstorms, running barefoot in the sand, flying my jet to Europe on the weekends, and sunbathing on my back deck.

Now maybe you've discovered that number nine is a mish-mash of sarcasm, real-life events, and what a contestant on the Dating Game might have said back in the day.

And that makes me happy.


  • Great-Granny Grandma

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you're right about the wine bottle. LOL I was wondering why a monkey would be carrying around a bat to celebrate the New Year. Silly me. :-)

  • Brenda

    And I really do want world peace!!!! :)

    Number 9 actually reminded me of a Miss America answer.

    Anyway, thanks for admitting to the bad week. Glad you are getting back on track and congrats on the new M.G. Binder (family phrase there--see if you can figure it out!) Also, stay away from the bon-bons. I hear they can slap clog you up! :)

    I appreciate the sarcasm, by the way.

  • Laura Lee

    I feel good when I poo, too.

    I cannot wait to see your crafties. I'm trying to drum up "good momma" ideas for my own family. Less video and more keepsakes in 2009!

  • karly

    Sarcasm away, my friend. It totally makes me laugh out loud! :)

    And, uh, glad all went well in the bathroom finally. ;)

    And, I agree with Brenda: That was a Miss America answer.

    And Brenda? I can't figure out M.G. Binder. Can you 'splain? :)

    Julie, back to you. Thanks for your honesty. Praying this week will be way better. :)

  • Annie

    By "smallish woodland creatures" do you mean leprechauns or skunks?
    Laughter does us good. Do you suppose it burns any calories? (:

  • Megan

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note on my FF post, JulieMom! By the way, squash isn't exactly the same as racquetball...the court is shorter for squash, a couple rules are different and I think squash uses a different kind of racket.

    As far as being an editor/writer (in answer to your question), I worked as an assistant editor on a monograph series to help pay my way through college. I'm currently editing an inspirational romantic suspense novel that Bethany House has asked to receive by March. I've started a novel of my own, but keep getting distracted by that pesky PhD I'm supposed to be getting...lol. Also, I'm trying to break into the world of freelance writing for RPGs...uh-oh, I think my geek colors just bled through.

    Enjoyed your post!! I may be trying to cut back on my own sarcasm, but I can still appreciate a good dose of sarcastic wit.

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    I like number 9 on your list.

    Oh, and I also love your rug there in the picture. Totally unrelated to your post, I know, but I like it anyway.

  • JulieMom

    Granny- No prob. It was cute anyway.

    Brenda- Yes. They clog me plum up.

    Laura Lee- Poo is good. Did I just say that? Crafts coming tomorrow!

    Karly- I gave up trying. I'll Google it here and I 'might could' find sumpin' on it.

    Annie- Totally meant both. And elves that bake cookies in trees.

    Megan- Freelance writing for RPGs is geeky? Who knew? ;0)

    Terry- I bought it at a store here in SA called Game. (A little like Wal-Mart. Very little.) Thanks for noticing it!! The small one from the set is in front of my stove in the kitchen.

  • Victoria

    So, the flights to Europe on the weekends is one of your real-life experiences, right? :)

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