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Friday, January 02, 2009

Fitness Friday: The Plus and Minus Edition

Every time I see these symbols I think of a pregnancy test. Don't you?

Hi everyone!! Do I feel like I've been away for a looong time? Yes. Did I really miss the blog while I was away? Not really. Is that a bad thing? Well, let me say this: I had fun with my family, people from my church, got some writing done, and planning for future stuff. It was a nice break for me.

Anyhoona, this week's Fitness Friday post is to be about things we want to add and subtract from our lives to make our fitness goals more possible. (And stuff) But first, let me update you on my progress since we've last spoken.

I went to the gym twice this week, worked out hard, and lost another kilo! That's 2.2 pounds, people. Right, Mary? I'm down to 191. So that's a good thing. Especially since I was NOT on the ball for watching what I ate. I didn't overdo it on sweets, because they're not my thing, but I wasn't all that conscious of portion sizes, etc. I ate what I wanted but I did not over-indulge. Go me!

Now, onto today's post. Oh wait! Before I do that, I want to 'splain why there's no new photo of me in this post. I purchased a new camera for Christmas, and I don't like it. So, there will be no new photos until I figure out what to do about that situation. Customer service in SA is NOT like that of the US. Here, the customer is not always right, you aren't expected to be satisfied, and the store owner does not have the responsibility to handle your concerns in a timely manner, if they get handled at all. Doesn't it sound jolly?

So it may be a while before photos get posted. Just so you know.

For this year, I will add: structure to my fitness goals. Right now I feel like I'm floating between activities at the gym without any clearly defined goals. And the meal planning around here needs to get kicked back into gear. Enough of vacation- it's making me unnecessarily lazy. Enough!

I will subtract: negativity! No matter how much progress I make, I seem to focus on the left-over negative aspects of my shape, my weight etc. No more! The negativity also pulls me toward being unstructured and letting the meal planning etc. fall away. Enough!

Who's with me?!?

Ok, these are MY goals for this year. Don't feel pressured to agree just because I asked. :0)

Happy weekend! I am hoping for a rain storm. A fierce one. It's been too stinkin' hot here.

And although I know sweating helps you lose weight, it's not high on my list of favorite things to do.


  • karly

    Why, yes. The plus and minus sign DO make me think of pregnancy tests. :)

    Way to go on your loss! And, I love your realistic adds and subtracts! Add structure and take away negativity. You know, those are so logical?? :)

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing all your progress in 2009! :)

  • Brenda

    Yeah, I was going to say that they obviously reminded Karly of that! :)

    Julie, you are so right about negativity. We've got to stay focused on the positive. Terry said this today also.

    Great goals! And I agree--enough vacation already!

  • karly

    Yeah, especially since I took 3! of them. Didn't believe the first one. Or the second one apparently. :)

  • Laura Lee

    I agree: without a plan for meals, we eat just whatever and all of it. This winter break has made me a loaf, of what I do not know quite yet! I'm thinking meat--loaf, that is.

    Missed you even if you didn't miss me. ;-D

    Stay positive!

  • TAMI

    Wow - you lost weight over Christmas?! I'm stunned. You're amazing!!

  • Carrie Thompson

    Yuck about the camera---all I did was lose mine!

    I second the negativity subtraction! I really do need to lose some negativity!

  • Megan

    Nice work JulieMom! I'm working on the negativity as well, by adding gratitude-ity! (uh-oh, I'm making up words...time to go to bed :-)

  • Mary

    Absolutely correct my dear - 1 kg does indeed mean exactly 2.2 pounds. And this I know because my daughter came into this world weighing 1 kg.

    Congrat's on losing over Christmas - wow! Clearly, you are a phenomenon(double !!).

    Nice to have you back posting - I think you might have missed us - just a little - maybe?

    Oh, I was the Mary you referred to - wasn't I? How potentially embarrassing!


  • Annie

    Good ideas... I could use that too.
    (The letting go of the negative)Maybe you could sweat off the pounds and I could freeze them off? (:

  • Detroit

    Congrats on the weight loss! Great goals!

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