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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fitness Friday: My Downfall Edition

This week's goals were not too bad. I wouldn't say it was a GREAT! week, but it was not like the past weeks have been. I hit the gym once, and was pleased to see that God is merciful indeed and I lost another kilo. Seems impossible, since the previous two weeks I have not lifted so much as a finger (let alone a foot or arm) to exercise.

The Prince went back to teaching this week, so going to the gym together was out of the question. Unless we go after he gets home, which is right in the middle of the kids' school time, and then there's dinner to make...so we went once. On his day off.

I was also recovering from stomach flu, so the day at the gym was a light one. I still did all my weight lifting things, but the walking was making my stomach hurt, so the cardio was NOT the standard. Which is fine by me. I don't enjoy it anyway. :0)

What were my goals from last week? Oh yeah. Water intake was not so bad. I have increased, which wasn't hard to do since I was drinking very little before. So that was good. I also got a lot of house work done (it SO counts Brenda), I was dressed early in the day most days (with makeup and everything), and the meal planning is well under way since I now own a dry erase marker. Maybe Monday I'll post how I do the meal planning. It's been updated a bit, and the system just plain works!

Now, onto the temptations.

I am not a sweet eater. Too much sugar, or chocolate, or milk product makes me sick. Seriously. I can eat a big piece of chocolate cake and then be nauseous for two hours afterward. And ice cream is never a temptation because of the same reason. So it is not sweets that call my name in the night, or mid-afternoon.

[Holding a scholarly finger in the air]

However, any baked homemade breads, (warmed in the microwave and smeared with butter of course) or chips of any kind, or anything in general that is salty, is a temptation. And although I have much improved on the not eating when I'm not hungry thing, I will climb out of bed while reading at night to grab a bowl of chips or something if there are any in the house. (Ever happen to you? They call your name, don't they...I know.)

We have stopped buying that kind of stuff because a) It's junk food and we've changed the way we eat. b) The budget isn't always snack friendly. c) If it's in the house chances are it won't last longer than a day. Maybe two if I'm the only one who knows where it is. :0)

So! Why give ourselves room to succumb to temptation? We just eliminate the chance of temptation by not buying the products that make us want to eat what we shouldn't. And I don't buy Coke anymore. (Well, not that often- only when company comes over. So we've had people over at least twice a week so I can get my fix. Kidding!)

And I am with Brenda. Being sedentary is a HUGE temptation for me. I would much rather snuggle up with a book, or writing something, or the laptop, or anything other than doing work and being active. Unless it's a competitive sport, then I'm ALWAYS up for the challenge. But that needs to change! Because if I lost a kilo being a slug, how much more weight could I be losing if I were exercising! Think of it!

[thinking of it]

It would be a lot!

So this week's goals will remain the same, focusing on getting to the gym whether the Prince can go with me or not. The kids like being there, so really I'm the only one who doesn't want to go.

Get it in gear JulieMom! You can do this! Stay active! Get fit! DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!! No? THEN GIVE ME FIFTY YOU NAMBY-PAMBY!!

How was that for my own motivation? Maybe I should record that and play it for my wake up call in the morning. It's sure to scare a few pounds off if nothing else!

Have a happy weekend and get on those goals everyone!


  • Brenda

    And don't forget to insert some oinking sounds on that recording!

    I tried not buying anything chocolate or sweet last week and found myself down at my mom's house TWICE to get ding dongs. Sigh. So I do buy sweets, but I try to make sure they are not too bad of sweets. Without them in the house I get desperate.

    And I still have no idea what a kilo is but GOOD JOB!

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    I so relate to the sedentary thing. I would rather do just about anything than exercise.

  • Laura Lee

    Yes, reading a book gets me every time. Just in the past six months, I've started listening to books while on the treadmill. It helps me, unless the reader's voice bugs, then it's just grueling.

    Great job! I wanna lose a kilo doing nothing, too!

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    Snacks can be a budget buster and a waistline expander..'tis true.

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