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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitness Friday: Cleaning Out and Gearing Up Edition

Ok, so I am a week late with half of this post. But this is my first time being so tardy, so can I get a reprieve? Thanks. And quick story about the word 'tardy', though it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this post.

One morning we were all getting ready for school. I was in kindergarten, and we were running a little late, so we were hurrying. When my Mother opened the car door to let us in, it hit me in the head and cut me open. I was bleeding pretty heavily down my face, and I'm sure my Mom was not happy about the whole situation. Anyway, by the time I got to school, it was LATE. When I walked into class the teacher told me to go to the office and get a slip because I was tardy. And I (thinking she was calling me retarded) told her "My Mom says we're not supposed to say that to people." Then I took my seat and ignored her.

SO...why that popped out of my head I have no idea, but I had to share.

I have gone through my closet (not that hard since I don't have many clothes) and I am happy (but kinda sad) to say that most of it doesn't look so good now. MANY of my over shirts (for the layering thing to hide 'the girls') are too big and actually make me look bigger than I was before I lost weight. Weird, huh? And my pants are too big, but we've talked about that before. My jeans are comical. But grotesque.

I did try to take pictures of these clothes on me, but it wasn't working out so well. And the Prince thinks I'm weird with all the picture taking, so he was out. And the kids are too short. Plus, their schooling is a little important. So, no photos. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I have plenty of skirts, but not many tops left to wear with them. So, I guess I need to invest in some shirts. A great friend recently sent me some, and the size L from the USA fits well. Yay for me! If only I could shop in the US for a day. Salvation Army, I miss you!

Onto the goals:

1. Getting back to the gym. I need to get back into a workout routine. I have been on and off lately. Getting to the gym helps me have energy to get all the things I do each day accomplished, and I miss it. I've been feeling tired and grumpy. I need the gym!

2. Meal Planning. I have my meal plan all made out. I have the ingredients to follow it. BUT our schedule has been such lately that I have not followed it much. We've been home and I've cooked, but it has been quick meals that are usually carb-heavy. No good. Maybe some of that cooking ahead stuff is a good idea. We'll see.

3. Dressing Early in the Day. I am not a sweats and t-shirt kind of girl. I am also not a jeans person. Not my personality. (And they've never looked good on me.) I like dress pants, pretty shirts, and skirts. That is what I wear most of the time. (Well not to the gym, duh.) But I need to get dressed as soon as I wake, or as soon as I am back from the gym. The other day I was dressed before the girls woke up and one of them asked me "Mom, where are you going?" That's not good.

4. Teaming Up with the Prince. The Prince and I need to work together to keep each other accountable and on task with exercise. He really doesn't need me, as he has motivation a-plenty, but me? I need him to prod me. And although he is not willing to oink at me during meal times, he would pull me out of bed to hit the gym. I need that.

5. Loving Water Again. When I first started this whole fitness thing, I learned to love water. I drank it every meal time, every day, and didn't bother buying other kinds of drinks. Ever so slowly, I have sunk back into drinking flavored teas, and some soft drinks. (Which are all called cold drinks here.) And that means that the water I take in during the day is in the form of melted ice. So, it's at the top of my priority list. Water!

All doable goals, all things I've done before, just need to get back into doing them. And yes, Aunt Bossy- someday I will GET MY OWN MOTIVATION.

And I might even finish your skinny fairy thing. Maybe.

Happy Weekend!


  • karly

    Yeah! Glad you got some shirts from the US. And size large? Way to goooo! :)

    Great goals, Julie! They are totally doable! Do you have the little Crystal Light single serving packets that you can add to water? You dump one into a about 16 oz of water and drink with very little calories (maybe 5??) The only thing some people don't like is the artificial sweetener, but sometimes I need to sweeten up my water just so I get water! Not every time, but it does help motivate me.

    Hmmm. Or you can add a bit of lemon just to give it some sort of taste.

    I'm just full of ideas, huh? Happy Fitness Friday, Julie!

  • Brenda

    I enjoyed this post! First of all, the tardy story was GREAT! Poor teacher. What do you do with that? And you were quite sassy.

    Melted ice? HA HA HA!!! I guess I'm getting more water than I thought!:)

    And I loved why we don't have pictures of you.

    About that meal plan. My sister was over and went to the fridge and began reading, "Oh, I see we are having steak fingers tonight." I had to inform her that, sadly, that was the menu from 2 weeks ago. So, I gotta do better on that too.

  • julie

    I loved the tardy story. Very cute.

    Great job on the size L. I say you go splurge and buy at least one new top. Sounds like you have earned it.

    Great goals!

  • Johanna

    Great goals, Julie! I also loved the tardy story. As a former teacher, I'm sure your teacher hasn't forgotten that moment either! :)

  • Laura Lee

    That "tardy: story is the best! And, I love the confidence you embodied even in your youth! To sass your teacher, you saucy girl!

    I need to get my prince to drag me out of bed, too. Leaving the exercise to the eve never works for me. If I don't get it in the AM, I just don't get it.

    I'm struggling to get the H2O, too. Although I LOVE water, I never seem to drink enough of it. But, drinking with every meal would help--why didn't I think of that?!

    Great goals~see you next week!

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    You know, Julie, I didn't list it in my post, but it's also one of my goals to get dressed a lot earlier in the day. I was actually thinking about it this morning.

    The tardy story was great.

    And two FF posts in one? Good job!

  • Carrie Thompson

    very, very good goals. I try to do the fly lady things dressed down to my shoes even if I am not going any where!

    awesome about no cloths fitting but sorry if it puts you in a bad spot!
    You are doing awesome!

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    Loved this post--and your kindergarten story.

  • Mi

    That tardy story was a hoot. Way to go on the shirts.

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