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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A New Tradition

This year we have started a new tradition. Since our kids are totally spoiled by both the Prince's parents and my Dad, we had to do something about it. Not that it's a bad thing they're so loved, but when money is given and meant to be spent on whatever they want to use it for, Mom and Dad need to intervene.

Hence the new tradition.

And despite the misleading picture, the new tradition is NOT making them spend their Christmas money on me. Did you really think that's what it would be? For shame!

Maybe you're wishing I would get on with it already.

Maybe I will.

We informed each of them that Papaw had sent them (x amount) of dollars for Christmas. We then told them they would not be getting all that money to spend. We would give them a little less than half of it, and the rest would be going into their respective savings accounts. Their eyes got wide and they were excited at the mention of their bank accounts.

Whose children are they anyway?

Then we informed them the money they did get from Papaw would not be spent on themselves. They were to take the money, split it in half, and spend it on each of their sisters.

Oh the excitement and pandemonium that ensued.

There was a general running around, grabbing of paper to make lists, and shrieking.

Then we calmed them down as best we could, and laid down the ground rules: NO stuffed animals (because they don't know they already have Build-A-Bear gift certificates from the other grandparents as gifts), you CANNOT spend it all on candy and sweets, DO NOT buy them something you want- think of what they want.

And I must say they were quite successful. After spending a little too much time agonizing over the perfect gifts, we headed home for the WRAPPING. OF. THE. LOOT. And they wanted to do it themselves.

Wow, that was an ordeal all its own.

Now the undercarriage of our tree is completely stuffed. It looks very festive, if not slightly impregnated. At least it's not wonky.

And they keep asking (every day) "Can't we open just ONE?"

And the answer is always "Um, no."

So I think this will be a yearly tradition. They learn about giving to others from their own money, they think of something other than what they're getting, and we have a good time scouring stores for good deals, and then how best to wrap them.

And yes, we had Christmas cookies for dessert after dinner.

It was a great day.


  • Mary

    That is a brilliant - I mean - BRILLIANT concept.

    You're BRILLIANT!!!

  • WendyMom

    I agree with Mary whole heartedly!!

    Totally phenomenal idea!

    We are scaling WAY back this year- but still our tree and stockings have way more stuff than we should need.

    We've been collecting things throughout the year from, dare I say it out loud, garage sales!!!

    Oh yes sister, can I get a witness? You KNOW what I've been through...

    But seriously, we are cutting back- and my hubby actually has us "cleaning out the house, room by room, because we have too much stuff- don't need it all, and could make some $ on Craig's list and Ebay"- we have like 10 items on right now!

    I KNOW!

    Prayer works- that's all I can say.

    Love you guys tons-

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