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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Mental Work Out

It was a day like any other day at the gym. The Prince and I were on opposite days. I was doing weight training and the Prince was on cardio. I had been through the whole routine, and was debating whether I should do another short round of cardio (as a cool down for my muscles) or if I should just go downstairs and get the kids.

Doing another short round won out. I couldn't begin to tell you what propelled me to the treadmill I decided to use. In retrospect it was the Holy Spirit, but at the time I wouldn't have been aware of that. There were six or seven not in use, but I chose one where a woman was walking, and another was standing next to her on the floor, speaking animatedly.

Usually I avoid being near people in discussion. I don't like to know other people's business. I started my walk, setting up the time and speed, but words from their conversation were drifting over to me. To be honest, if I had stretched out my pinkie just a little, I would have been close enough to poke the woman who was speaking in the back. I couldn't help but hear.

She was talking about God. That much was clear, but what else she was saying wasn't. At first I thought she was witnessing to the woman on the treadmill. I was excited because the woman who was talking teaches water aerobics at our gym. I thought it a blessing that she was a Christian.

Then, I hear some disturbing words. She was saying everything they had been taught was wrong. God is one. He is everywhere in everything. You don't need a church. This is a NEW god. How alive she was feeling since finding out this new truth.

Inside I was battling. It was none of my business, this conversation between friends. They didn't ask my opinion. But the Holy Spirit which was groaning in my ear to SAY SOMETHING ALREADY would not let me remain silent. I prayed for wisdom.

I looked at the woman walking on the treadmill and she smiled over at me. She had been arguing with the woman who was telling her about this new god. When the woman who had been talking saw her friend smile at me, she turned to see who was behind her. I too the opportunity to insert myself into their discussion.

"You know," I said. "The Bible, which God wrote, says you must come to God through His Son Jesus Christ."

"Why do I need Jesus? I can pick up a fish and say god help me! And that's ok. I can go to God through my ancestors and that's ok. Since I have found Krishna, I feel and see God everywhere! It has done wonders for me. And let's not talk about the Bible." She replied.

"Well, if you believe the Bible is God's Word, then you have to obey what God says. And to pick up a fish or any other object and give it the name of God is an insult. God is bigger than a fish. And your ancestors are dead. If they couldn't help you in their lifetime, how can they help you in their death? And you can't talk about God without talking about the Bible. It's His Word." I answered, all the while praying I wouldn't get punched.

"No. If you say God is offended, then you put God in a human box. He is not petty like us. Do you know what Christ consciousness is?" I shook my head no. "Well then," she began again as she walked away, "you figure that out and you'll know what I mean."

I was saddened by the exchange. I wanted to tell her more about the peace she can have through the promise of Christ. There was so much to say, but she was not willing to receive it. So I am praying she will be unsatisfied and restless until she finds out who Jesus Christ is. Maybe if I see her there again I will pass along some better info.

Would you pray for her when you think of it? I don't know her name, but God does.


  • WendyMom

    I was just having this discussion with a beautiful Christian lady from my home school group- why do people believe this type of thing? Because they WANT TO. They are deceived, and to try and find out the truth would make them uncomfortable. In addition, they will revile us when we try to bring their false beliefs into the light of God's word. Sad, but true.

    I give you tons of props for speaking up and holding your own!

    She doesn't know it yet, but she is now being pursued by the God of heaven, and will not be found blameless. I will pray for her... and you! Love you girl-

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    How wonderful that you grabbed the opportunity to share the truth of Christ. One plants, another waters, but God gives the increase. You did your job. I may end up linking to you yet again, Julie. You rock!

  • Brenda

    Yes, I will say a prayer for her...and I'm glad you spoke up. But MAYBE, God wanted you to hear what she had to say. I believe we need to carefully educate ourselves with these wrong ways of thinking so we can be prepared. I, for one, have not heard of this "Christ consciousness" and want to know more so I will recognize this line of thinking when I run across it.Does that make sense?

  • WendyMom

    Hey- I think that stuff comes from Ekart Tolle- the spiritual "guru" that Oprah has endorsed and had on her show. Check out you tube and you can see the video of his appearance on her show- it's frightening how many "bible believing" Christians are getting taken in by this thinking. Our pastor preached a message about this and played the tape in church- I'll see if I can find the link and post it in another comment-

    I agree with Brenda- it's nice to know what we are up against- but I would pray first before looking at any of it or reading about it- just to protect my own mind.

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