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Friday, November 07, 2008

Fitness/Fashion Friday

Check out the new ticker at the top. I figured since we've been here in SA for a year, it's time for a change. I've got new things taking up space in my mind, and I thought it would be great to share my progress this way. Some of you have tickers already. Some don't. Why not add one?

Post-workout Hair. Nice.

Hello Fitness Friday Folks! Today Brenda wants us to post pics of things we want to be able to wear someday. And since we all know that we are in this for the long haul, we can post things that wont fit us until, you know, we get there. And that's good, because it's great to have a goal. I don't want my weight loss journey to be as rambly and winding as many other things in my life have been. Setting goals and achieving them is a really good motivator to KEEP GOING.

So, let me start by saying this week I gained a couple ounces. Not worried. I had salty food a couple times. It was a busy week, and although we ate out a few times, I made excellent choices and feel good about the week overall. I did only make it to the gym three times, and I must admit on the day after the election I just didn't have it in me to work out. I tried. I did about halfway what I normally would do. But oh well, back on the bandwagon next week, right Karly? Right.

Moving on to the Future Fashion of Skinny JulieMom:

This is a little number I'd like to add to the private collection, if you know what I mean. Maybe without the weird hat thing though. I'm not really into masks. Or pointy ears.
Oh I jest! Just thought I'd throw that out there and shock some of you. Did it work?

Well, with the way my body is proportioned, as I gained weight, I stopped wearing dresses. I am a shirt and skirt girl all the way. It's a better look for me (now that I've lost weight, who knows?) but I would love to be able to wear something like this:
Very slim waisted, Audrey Hepburn-ish. Dontcha think? I love it. With a little pair of strappy black heels.

Or this:
This would be great for here in SA. It's HOT here in the summer, and something like this that's flowy, and light is perfect. It's a bit low in the front, but it would fit me different than her anyway.

I also used to layer a lot to hide the, um, Pelfrey Curse. But that is a thing of the past. I can now wear t-shirts (not work out ones, REAL plain color t-shirts) with my capris, or skirts, and I feel ok about how it looks. I don't feel like the girls are just out there in their own space, if you know what I mean. Non-obtrusive, you might say. So I would LOVE a top like this to pair with pants, capris, or a skirt. So cute!

I could have probably wasted the whole day looking on line for things to wear. But honestly, I just want to be able to go into a store, pull something from any rack I want, and put it on. And have it FIT. The first time.

For Foodie Friday, I have to say I am taking this week off and hoping to test lots of new recipes for the coming weeks ahead. I have some great ones that feature lentils, tofu (don't groan!) and veggies. Stay tuned!

Happy Weekend!!


  • Mary

    I love the second (I mean third) outfit. I wonder if a 50 yr old could pull it off?

    I reckon - why not?

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    Cute stuff, Julie

  • Brenda

    Julie, since I messed up the auto-post thingy (pesky AM/PM stuff), I grabbed your post for you and linked it. Hope you don't mind. I know you are probably sleeping right now!

    The cat suit--LOVE IT! And you are right about dresses. I haven't worn them in years. I only have skirts and shirts and you know what? I would like to wear a dress!

  • Carrie Thompson

    your face is shrinking into nothingness! How goes if for the parts we dont see! You are a total encouragement to me and I am secretly (will not post) going to start taking pic of my face, I wanna see the change!

    I wanna see the pics in the cat woman suit!

    No really, you are doing so awesome and your little black dress is gorgeous too!

  • karly

    Yep, get right back on the wagon Julie! :)

    And, who knows? Maybe you DO want that cat suit. I am sure your husband will LOVE it. And it doesn't matter to any of us... it's in your PRIVATE collection! :)

    Oh, and I love the top you posted. My "girls" can be out there, too, if I let them. I can't wait to wear more things like this.

    Blessings to you this coming week!

  • Detroit

    LOVE the black dress. Definitely would want one for my closet too! Blessings!

  • Luanne

    I love your outfit choices! So cute!

    I am so happy you are continuing to do well! It is so motivating to see that you can still be successful with a busy week ahead! Great job! keep it up!

  • Aunt Bossy

    Love the first outfit--HA! You crack me up. And I love your attitude toward your "gain." When you can look back & know you were doing the right things, the number doesnt' carry as much weight. (Get it? Carry as much...anyway) Eventually it must & will go down if we keep at it.

    And I can't believe you're wearing t-shirts with no button-down shirt over it! Wahoo! And come to think of it, except for wedding attire, I can't remember you wearing a dress. Well, the two you picked out are great and you will be able to wear them someday. And I'm so glad to hear that some of the old insecurities are melting away along with the inches. I totally understand!

    Love you & am so very proud of you!

  • WendyMom

    I love your choices- even the cat suit! You probably shouldn't have put that on here- now the Prince might hold you to it!!!!! LOL!

    I have come to believe that as long as I'm in obedience to the Lord in my eating and exercise- that the number on the scale really doesn't matter. Try weighing yourself 3 times in one day- you get 3 different weights! I have lost about 30 lbs (of the 97 total that I need to lose)- but have gone down 2 full clothing sizes and lost 15% body fat. Exercise makes it show up more in the leanness of your body- not so much at the scale.

    You always had the prettiest legs ever- I can't wait to see them in that last dress- WHOAH NELLIE!

    And you think the prince likes you now....

  • Savannah

    Hey Julie~

    I am happy for you too! And you do look really good! I lost about 20 lbs sometime back and I just felt better! I am happy you probably feel better! Praise the Lord even in lost weight, right!?!
    Hope you find the cat suit- I'm sure the prince will love it! ;)

    I promise to be sending you an "update" email soon by the way! Just found where you posted on my super old blog Oct 12th- sorry :(
    I have been super busy at BEAMS and with other things, but I really would like to tell you all about what God has been doing in my/our lives! ;) Great stuff!!

    Love ya!

    P.S. Tell those pretty princesses Hello for me please! :)

  • Bonnie

    What a very sweet blog about your family. Very refreshing to read. You are having way TOOOOO much fun while you serve the LORD! (smile) Hard to picture you in Africa - so far away. Sure was neat to read your words. thanks for sharing your sweet family with all who may find it online. May the LORD use your blog to HIS honor and glory!

    Bonnie in FL
    Pastor's wife and deaf TERP

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    I should warn you...I linked to this post! you really made me laugh with this one so I shared it. Hope that's okay.

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