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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fitness Friday: Lame Excuse Edition

When I first read the topic for this week I thought I would have a hard time writing for it. I don't think I ever consciously paid attention to the excuses I used in my mind. I'm not sure I really had any. I just ate what I wanted, in whatever amount I wanted, and never thought much of it. A couple of my very good sister-friends were (and I say were as in past tense. They have BOTH lost more weight than I have thus far) considerably heavier than me, and I thought as long as I was "smaller" than them, and as long as my clothes fit, I was good.

So I indulged even when I didn't really want the food/drink/snack, just to prove to myself (and them- whoever they are) that I could eat that stuff and not be fat. The problem was, I was fat. And yes, some of it was baby weight. But most of it was lazy weight. Not keeping a conscious eye on what my body needed.


My body tells me loud and clear what I do and do not want.

And it will no longer accept lame excuses (even if they are not voiced). No excuse is worth the x amount of calories and fat accumulated through a few seconds worth of palate pleasure. And the brief satisfaction received is no replacement for the comfort given through bringing issues to the Prince to pray about, or taking them to the Father to have them taken care of.

So, from this time forward, I will no longer compare my body to others to gauge how I'm doing. I will think about what my body wants and needs, and I will obey.

DEATH TO EXCUSES!! Who's with me???

Happy weekend!


  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    DEATH to excuses!! I'm with you.

  • Brenda

    Constantly comparing myself to others. Not as bad as her. Smaller than her. EVen asking my husband...am I that big? Usually after my confidence had been shaken by seeing, you know, actual photographic evidence of how I looked!!!! ACK!

  • Carrie Thompson

    Excuses be gone. You are doing great! I know the comparing myself to others, even if the other people are fat too? What is the sense in that????

  • Detroit

    Girl, you know I am with you! Here-here!

  • Annie

    Wow, that struck a chord with me. I have often compared myself to others in that way. I need to watch that too! Thank you so much for sharing. I learn so much from Fitness Fridays :)

    Stay focused this week...happy Thanksgiving!

  • Luanne

    oops...that was me, not Annie :)

  • Aunt Bossy

    Well, as one of the two formerly fatter sister-friends, I'm happy to no longer be a source of comfort/encouragement for your unhealthy habits. In fact, next time you're home on furlough I am SO coming over and borrowing one of your shirts. Just because... :-)

    All kidding aside, I will say that being big does make one approachable & safe, especially to other women. Even though I was single for many years and spending lots of time around married people, no wife was ever worried that her husband was looking at me and comparing me to her. Or at least if he was, he was thinking "I made out pretty well!" And I do worry that I will lose some of that "safety" factor when I'm no longer the biggest girl in the room. But I probably shouldn't worry--even if I am thin & attractive (me? so wierd to think that might be true someday,)I'm hoping my sparkling (read: loud) personality is such that I'll still be approachable & safe. It will certainly be interesting to see how differenty I'm treated, if at all.

    Ok, not quite sure how my train of thought ended up there, but I know you get me so it doesn't matter! And this Friday I hope to read all about how things went at the gym this week. (hint, hint...) Love you muchly!

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