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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Dilemma

Since I've been faithfully working out, and I have lost weight, I now have a dilemma of sorts. All the clothes I own that used to hide the bulges and extra baggage, now just hang and do not help the body look good. They kinda look like a potato sack. Now, I know some people can pull that off without a hitch. But this body? Notsomuch.

So, I'm thinking I need some advice. Do I buy a few things to tide me over in this in-between stage? Or do I just suck it up and deal, and wear them until I am much closer to my goal? I guess it really doesn't matter either way, since they used to fit, and they are what people are used to seeing me wear, but I am just ready to be out of them, ya know?

And I know it is my fault that I was wearing those sizes to begin with. The Prince actually laughed at me today when I put on a shirt and told me to throw it out. I think it can be salvaged by hemming in the sides under the arms. Maybe I'll do a before and after of that. Yeah, maybe.

But he also told me my work out shorts look like old lady clothes, and they need to go as well. Lucky for him the one pair doesn't fit at all anymore, and the other just got a convenient hole in them when they got caught somewhere. I don't even remember it happening. So I guess I'll have to get some new ones. But what to get? What are you people wearing to the gym?

Wish I had some of my workout friends here in SA with me. Then they could hand their clothes down to me when they shrink out of them. But for now, I will live with suggestions. I have been borrowing the Prince's shorts to work out in, but I have to go to the gym first, or I get them after they've been sweated in. Not that I don't sweat, just not like a man does.

So, that's my dilemma. A little help, please?


  • Aunt Bossy

    Oh boy--you asked for advice! Here I go...

    1.) THROW THEM OUT/GIVE THEM AWAY. Now, that being said, if you can salvage some shirts with a few stitches here and there--great. I have been the Salvation Army shopping queen--do they have thrift stores in SA? You can also watch for mega sales and pick up a few wardrobe basics that go with anything. You will feel so much better wearing things that fit you. Trust me--not that we're trying to be vain, but it's a great boost to put something on and have it look SO MUCH BETTER than it did before.
    2.) I wear workout capri pants & a t-shirt, but that's because workout shorts still hitch up in the thigh. (Maybe when my thighs are smaller, that won't happen.)
    3.) Pray. One of the voices that tried to discourage me in the beginning of my journey told me that I'd never be able to afford buying so many new clothes. God has MORE than provided through folks giving things to me--and I've never dressed better!

    One more thing--you may want to keep something just as a reminder of how big you were. I kept my jeans--it's both encouraging and sobering to put them on every now & then to remind myself of where I was.

  • Brenda

    Here's the question you have to ask yourself:

    Do I want any of my clothing to fall off while I am witnessing to someone?

    I think clothes for the meantime are important!

    And I'm all with Aunt Bossy on the workout capris. I have some...I just haven't worked out in them YET!

  • Jennifer

    Buy some workout clothes that fit.
    Buy one or two really nice things that make you look and feel great. But save the majority of the shopping until you're closer to the final goal! You don't want to buy three full wardrobes through this journey.

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