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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Training My Children: Helpful Ideas

I have been thinking a lot about how we train our children, and reflecting on how I've personally been doing. I admit that at times I lose my temper, expect the impossible, and sometimes just plain ignore things I know need to change. However, I think today would be a good time to share some helpful websites that I think have tools to make the job easier. I haven't tried all of these, so I can't vouch for their excellent-ness, but I think they're interesting.

First Things First: The Bible Example for Training

Bible.org A helpful guide to what the Bible has to say about child training. While the author of the article uses many different versions of the Bible, I believe the core message is excellent.

Other Helpful Sites:

Hanidpoints.com This website lets you make and print all kinds of charts, and when your kids do their work, they earn points to buy "stuff" for their own online cartoon cat. Sound cute.

DLTK Custom Chore Charts You can customize a chore chart here, and then print it out. I know SpongeBob is not a great character, but they have lots of other choices. Haven't tried this one yet, either.

Curbly.com A helpful post about training your kids to clean their own rooms. Haven't checked out the whole site, so I cannot say it's clean and non-offensive, but this post is, and helpful to boot!

RudeBusters.com Train your children to have good table manners and lots of other good behaviors! Many links as well to helpful articles, and other sites. Good stuff!

I hope you can take the time (when it doesn't detract from your training!) to check these sites out and maybe start a new method of training, or implement something that will make your home a happier, cleaner, and more God-honoring place. I plan to!


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