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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Little Trip

If you couldn't tell, we recently had some time away. We went to see other missionary friends that live a little over two hours away. The wife was celebrating her 50th birthday, and we were thankful to be part of her celebration.


The first day was spent at Sun City. It's a place that has a hotel (The Palace, which is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL), a water park called Valley of the Waves (which is where we spent all our time) where they have a wave pool that every thirty minutes does tidal waves for people to body surf through. It's VERY cool, and the tidal wave is HUGE (like eight feet?). Also on the property there's (of course) a casino. We didn't do anything there, I promise!

I did get a good work out climbing the stairs (about forty to the top) of the water slides over and over with my kids while carrying (at times) three tubes. Whew! And I ate just a wrap for lunch, so no overboard calories there. And I didn't even have any cake and ice cream for the birthday.

What's that you say? Where are the pictures?

Um, of me and my family in their swim suits?

**laughs hysterically**

Ahem. I deny they ever existed.

Us At the Entrance to Sun City's Water Park

The Prince Body Surfing

The second day we spent at the nature reserve near our friends' home. We hiked for two and a half hours through the beautiful African countryside, seeing animals, finding cool stuff, soaking our tired feet in a frigid natural stream, and having tea on the top of a mountain surrounded by "mushroom" rocks. It was awesome. And I am counting that for today's gym time, seeing as how I am sunburned and not ready to gym just yet.

Checking Out A Natural Stream

A Mushroom Rock
Looking at A Ground Fern Through A Magnifying Glass
Snow White Having Enough Hiking
A Kudu Tooth We Found (but did not keep)
The Vlei
Us With the Tree That Died of Loneliness

We had a wonderful time, had a lot of exercise, and learned some new things! Did you? That's what the links are for. See you tomorrow!!


  • Mary

    I was wondering where you had gone. Welcome back. Honestly, Jules, I am fairly sure that showing us your swimsuit(with you in it - just in case your sense of humour had you dashing to the camera to take a pic of your bathers neatly folded in the drawer) would be incredibly liberating ;)

  • Eaglemyst

    It's good to have other missionaries around for support. I'm glad you guys had a good time and I think, also, that the weight you have lost let's others (okay, me lol) know it's not impossible.

  • Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years

    Hey there Julie! Long time since I jogged by here. Such a fun place. I'm awed by your picture of the mushroom rock, especially.

    God bless...

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