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Friday, October 03, 2008

Fitness/Foodie Friday: Omelets

Edited to add my goals for the week:Hit the gym five days, eat one serving of dinner, no snacking AT ALL, and water water water!! So, I'll let you know how I did on Friday.

Today begins the start of a new tradition here at Castle de JulieMom. Brenda is hosting a Fitness Friday where people who are on a weight loss journey will be sharing their goals and progress. I thought it was too good to pass up, especially since I spend time at her blog every day anyway. It's a good motivator for me to actually have something to post, so I'm in. You can check it out. But first, my progress this week.

I went to the gym four out of five days this week (I skipped Thursday because we are down to one car again and were having company from the States- and it was SO worth it. She was a delight!) I alternated cardio with weight training. I feel good!

Let me give you some background for those of you who don't know. Well, you can read this post and the end of this post, but I'll give you a condensed version. The Prince and I decided to get in shape. So since our health insurance provides a CHEAP gym membership, we took it.

I have since cut out Coke, and snacks, sweets, and eating after dinner time. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full (or suffer the consequences) and I drink about 50 gallons of water a day. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but it's a lot. I promise. I float all the way to the bathroom.

Anyway, on Monday I again contended with the Red Machine of Death and this time I was VICTORIOUS!! What's the deal?

Body fat: Down 3%
BMI: Down a point
Weight: down 6.6 pounds
Blood pressure: 110/65 (Always has been low)

So I guess the measurements from last (Monday?) are accurate: down a half inch all over (neck, arms, thighs, bust, hips), and one inch on my tummy are accurate. I thought at first maybe I had pulled the tape measure too tight and was cheating, but the machine measurements are actually on!! Yay for me!

I will be heading to the gym this morning after the hubby gets back. I will be sweaty and I will be stinky (can I even tell you how bad I smelled last Wednesday? You don't want to know. And I still went grocery shopping before showering. Wow. That's dedication for you. Right? Buddy?

And, I can't wait until: the results are a little more visible and not just felt by me. :0)

Anyway, just in case anyone from Brenda's pops over here today, I wanted to share a healthy recipe. So today, for all you Fitness Freaks out there I bring you:


2 Eggs (large or extra large, your choice)
1t milk (skim or full fat, your choice)
Filling Ingredients: Any vegetables you like and minimal cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Heat your skillet on med high heat, and add 1/2T olive oil.
2. Throw in your chopped veggies and cook until lightly browned.

3. Remove them to a bowl and keep warm.

4. Crack your eggs in a bowl and beat them with the milk.

5. Spray the same skillet with cooking spray. and pour the eggs into the warm skillet.

6. When the bottom is somewhat set, (after like ten seconds) lift an edge of the eggs and tilt the skillet so that the runny, uncooked part flows under the cooked egg. Do this all around the edge of the skillet.

7. When the bottom is set, CAREFULLY flip over the eggs. And I mean CAREFULLY, or you will tear the omelet and render it useless for filling. Did I mention you need to do it CAREFULLY??

8. On half of the omelet, layer your toppings. Salt and pepper to taste.

9. Fold the other side over the toppings, and slide onto a plate. Enjoy!!

And for those of you worried about my cholesterol, please click this link to see the benefits of eating eggs. The idea that they contribute to high cholesterol is just unfounded. Eat your eggs!

*sings quietly while cleaning the kitchen* If it ain't eggs it ain't breakfast, I love eggs...


  • Mary

    Congrat's on your loss. I have just returned from a four day trek through Sydney and the Blue Mountains. I climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge, walked me butt off - proof in the calves. I am not sure I lost any weight as I kind of ate a whole lot of junk food along the way. Still, I'm back and absolutely fed up with being this much overweight (20 kg since Jan)and so I am startint the fitness thing - well I will as soon as I have finished this beautiful Lindt chocolate.

  • Terry, Ornament of His Grace

    Congratulations on your progress Julie! And your omelet looks delicious.

  • WendyMom

    Well hey girlie- congrats on your success! I know how hard it can be- so I give you the props for sticking with it!

    It's amazing how much better you feel when you exercise, isn't it? Even though you haven't lost the weight yet that you want- you will reap the benefits of increased cardio health and overall strength-0 not to brag, but we went last week to Watkin's Glen and I walked up the whole thing without breaking a sweat once! YEAH!

    Oh, I am so proud of you for overcoming your aversion to sweat and stink to exercise! I can't hardly believe it's true that you actually WENT OUT like that! WHEW!

    Can I get a witness anyone?

    I love you- keep it up!

  • Brenda

    That plate of food is a thing of beauty! It looks delicious. And you are doing great on your progress. I understand what you mean about being ready for others to notice and not just you. We notice the smallest difference in our bodies, don't we?

    Six pounds--that's great! Keep it up! And also the healthy recipes.

  • Brenda

    You know, I would like to see a picture of this Red Machine of Death.

  • Kathy

    Your weight loss is definitely an inspiration. The eggs look absolutely delicious!

  • karly

    Way to go on the 6 pounds! :) I am so happy for you and love your plan! Can't wait to see all the success you will have!

    And, I LOVE the button you made for Brenda! Thank you so much! It's on my sidebar! :)

    Have a great week, Julie!

  • Mama Teaching 2

    Congratulations!!!! Here is to another week of work! :)

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