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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something to Think About

I had never heard of this kind of abortion before, but I can tell you if I had, I would have made a stink with my senators to vote in favor of legislation making it illegal. This video is disturbing, only for the fact that it explains how babies are induced early and left to die in the bio-hazard rooms of a hospital. There is nothing graphic shown in the video.

Another disturbing thing is that legislation was indeed brought before Congress to make it illegal. Barack Obama voted AGAINST this legislation three times. He apparently is in favor of infanticide. Please watch this, be moved, and do something about it, like pray.


  • Victoria

    Is it ok if I pray fervently and not watch the video? I just don't know if I could handle it at this time. My heart is crying already!

  • WendyMom

    Lord God Jesus-

    Help us all. I can hardly bear the thought- what kind of satanic insanity allows this occur in this country? What about these doctors who take the Hippocratic oath to "first, do no harm"? Who are these deluded parents who think this is somehow OK? Recently, a middle schooler left her newborn baby, with placenta still attached, in a trash dumpster at school- and they will prosecute this girl for child abuse- but because it's done in a hospital by health care workers it's somehow OK? As if partial birth abortions weren't bad enough..

    Having been through a miscarriage this year really brings this into clearer perspective for me- it's just plain wrong. There is no defense. Thank you for this eye opening information. We have much to pray for, don't we?

  • Mary

    What really concerns me is there are so many American 'Christian' bloggers out there that are supportive of this man. My third child was born 14 weeks early. She was tiny, she was frail, she had to fight for life. I can not imagine anyone being able to release their live child into the hands of such an undignified and malicious death.

    Thanks for sharing. I am praying that Americans vote with a conscience.

  • Eaglemyst

    I'm only "on" once a week and so only read once a week, so am just not commenting.

    I was raised in the "abortion capital" of the US, Wichita. Let me tell you, there are some unrighteous and just plain monstrous things going on in the world today. I just can't imagine why God tarries, but he, in His mercy, does. I will pray, but I'm wondering...what more can I do? I feel extremely helpless.

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