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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Trip to the Zoo

Mondays are the Prince's day off, every week. This week we decided we needed a family day, so the girls got the day off school and we went to the zoo. Now, you would think the zoo in AFRICA would be awesome. We were told this zoo is great. We went, and eh. Just not what I was expecting. But I got a lot of cute pics of my kids and me and the hubby, so I was satisfied.

And we DID see animals. Just not as many as I thought, and not the quality I would have expected. But wait a minute, this IS Africa. It's never what you expect. Enjoy the photos!


  • Brenda

    Does Prince ever lose one pair of those glasses???

    And BOY your girls look like sisters!

  • WendyMom

    What a great set of pics- I can't believe how B-I-G S is getting!

    What happened to the right side of the girls' faces in that pic with the gorilla?!?! K looks Chinese or something- LOL.

    Hope all is well and I'm glad you got a day off!

    Love you guys

  • Aunt Bossy

    Ok--I had to scroll up & down the page several times (since my visual memory is--well, you know how it is) and I'm sure of it--your face is thinner! The gym visits are paying off!

    Ok, and I'm trying not to cry at how big the girls are getting over there when I'm over here. Give them all a hug & smooch for me, OK?

    Heart you mucho!

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