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Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Pictures, An Update, And Tears

So the pictures are of us and our recent US visitors from our home church, and then us with our Pastor. We have an awesome church home in the states. Very supportive and great people!We had a great visit with them, and it was nice to see everyone. Of course their stay wasn't long enough (the kids always ask 'how come nobody comes to see us? They all go to Zambia!) so we hope soon people will be able to stay a little longer. But we're ok just being the stop over point. We've already had WAY more visitors than we expected, and it's been fun!

So the update is that I will be leaving my family for TWO DAYS to go out with some of my missionary women friends for a sleep over! One of them is turning 50 next month, and we will be celebrating. Probably we'll go to the botanical gardens in Pretoria, and possibly some other interesting places. Kid free. For two days. Wow. I still can't believe it. (But knowing me, I'll probably go home early because I miss them.)

Here's where the Prince came in. I know my kids like me. A lot. And they DO NOT like me to leave. I tried to convince the Prince NOT to tell the girls until I was out the door and on my way, but for some reason he wanted me to tell them last night. So, being the wonderfully submissive wife I am, I did. He was probably hoping the clinging to my legs and shedding of bucket loads of tears would make me change my mind and just stay home.

In a moment of weakness it almost worked. Almost being the operative word there. But the two little ones cried for a good half hour wondering who was going to sleep with Daddy, how far away was I going, when would I be back, that's just too far, who will cook for us, etc etc etc....

So this morning I am making a HUGE breakfast, I will be spending time with my kiddos, then packing a little-ish bag so as not to start another cry fest.

I will be back on Wednesday, and will not be blogging until at least then. So you can come back and read archive stuff if you want, or just meet me here on Thursday for sure. Have a great couple of days.


  • Michelle in Mx

    two whole days . . . wow!
    Heaven . . .
    Snuggles to the girls and you have a BLAST!

  • Brenda

    I don't get it...if I told my kids I was leaving they would:
    1. Ask me to bring them a surprise.
    2. Ask when I was leaving.
    3. Plop down in front of the TV while I stood at the door asking them if I could have a hug.

    Well, to be fair I don't normally leave for 2 days. But that's how they act when we are going to be apart for 1 night so I'm assuming.

    Have a great time!

  • Janice

    Wow! It seems so funny to know these are pictures taken in SA and here I am in your home town-ish area really hot, and there you all are in sweaters~ Our winter is coming though to be sure!!

    I know you will be so refreshed and re juvinated- can't wait to hear all the stuff!

  • Savannah

    Well reading that just made me cry too!! ;) Ha! How sweet :)

  • NTCP team

    Julie...I MISS YOU...and your awesome sense of humor. Just today, I told my sis-in-law and my mom "You have to read my friends blog...she is soo funny" So I'm getting you business and all...ha ha...

  • Carolee's Corner Canary Islands

    How wonderful to have friends and visitors from the states! I know I enjoyed it when our church sent a group over to visit us. Next month our pastor is visiting our missionaries Zambia and my son and daughter-in law in Mozambique.

  • Victoria

    How wonderful to see you all together with people you love! You look GREAT, by the way! Have a wonderful time with your friends - I'll be praying for your girls (and the prince, whose been left!):)

  • Deanna

    Hi there! I lost your email and thought I would leave a comment. I am a first time home school mom and traveling overseas. Can you email me or leave a comment with your address. Thanks so much.

  • JulieMom

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I have more "heartfelt" moments to share. Namely:

    1. Sleeping Beauty saw my slippers last night and cried, missing me.

    2. Snow White slept with Daddy so he wouldn't be lonely.

    3. Sleeping Beauty burst into tears when I walked in the door today.

    You can all say awww...now.

  • JulieMom

    Oh an Vickie, thanks for saying I look great! You rock!

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