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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Deep Thought Thursday: Our Need For Water

John 4:13 "Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: (14) But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life."

Isn't it interesting that we never realize the importance of something until it is gone? Our water went away yesterday at about 1 PM. And while I watched it sputtering it's last vestiges of life, I didn't think to grab a pot and fill it up. I just watched it slide right down the drain and out of reach.

It is now 8:40 in the morning the day after. Still no water. Not even one drip.

Do you have any idea all the things you CANNOT do without water? Well, in case you have never wondered, I will list them for you. Not in any general order, mind you. But listed nonetheless.

1. Brush your teeth.
2. Shower/bathe.
3. Wash your hands.
4. Flush the toilet.
5. Wash the dishes.
6. Wash, well, ANYTHING.
7. Water the garden.
8. Mop the floor.
9. Cook pasta.
10. Make soup.
11. Shave something.
12. Wipe up a spill.
13. Drink water.
14. Make coffee.
15. Make tea, or other water-based drinks.
16. Boil something.
17. Laundry.

And normally I could handle this. It wouldn't be a problem. But did I happen to mention that OUR HOME CHURCH PASTOR and some other friends are flying in tomorrow? Now you see the desperate need to do some of the things on the aforementioned list. Right?

And there's nothing to replace water. You cannot use, say, vegetable oil and do many of the things listed above. Water is a unique and wonderful substance perfectly created by God to enhance and sustain the life of creation.

Well this got me to thinking about Living Water. And how I take for granted the right I have even here in South Africa to own a Bible, to read it, study it, to share it and teach it to whomever I want.

It helps me to train up my children in the way they should go. It comforts in the midst of a trial. It empowers me to comfort others with the promises of my Lord. It gives me wisdom for living life. It holds the keys to eternal life and death.

But what if it were suddenly taken away?

There is absolutely NOTHING that can replace it. Tradition, singing, good feelings...all poor attempts to fill the void left without the Living Water. Have I hid enough of it securely in my heart? Would I really have a well of eternal life springing up in me, or just a trickle that would soon run out like so much water down the drain?

I know in America this idea of the Bible suddenly becoming taboo seems ridiculous. Absurd. It's a right we take for granted. But all over the world missionaries and Christians are persecuted DAILY for their belief in Jesus Christ. They aren't allowed to carry Bibles- not even small portions, or they face huge consequences. They aren't supposed to gather together to pray. They can't talk openly about their amazing God without punishment.

Yet they do it. They know only the Living Water satisfies.

What about those of us who have the right, yet never take advantage? Does having the right to it make it seem less important? If it were illegal, would that make you desire it more? That's ridiculous. If you're not reading it now, and you're free to do so, then it will seem a threat to you if it were made illegal. You will be only too happy to get rid of it to save your hide.

If you live in a free country where the Bible is still respected, or at least legal, then I have a few suggestions:

Memorize as much of it as you can. Pass it along to your children, your family, and those around you. Get in the habit of depending on the Lord to speak to you with the things you've memorized. Meditate on it during the day. Treat it like the special and precious gift that it is.

Don't let it sit around and get dusty. Don't ignore it until you have a problem. Don't bring it to church on Sunday and ignore it the rest of the week. Don't act as though it will always be there should you ever need it.

Because you never know what you've got 'til it's gone. And by then it's too late to get more.


  • Mary

    My hand must go up for being one of those that tend to take for granted the freedom of scripture. Kindly reminder.Ta

  • Janice

    So very true and a thought I have had myself. What if all the Bible I would have was what I could remember?! YIKES!

    Happy visitors! I am sure they will overlook the "unmopped" floor... but DO find a way to brush your teeth! :)

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