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Monday, July 14, 2008

Yep. It's Official. I'm Obsessed.

Maybe you will think I am absolutely CRAZY, but I have finished with all the spreadsheets, lists, menu plans etc. that I will need for my little re-do of the food budget.

This picture is now the inside of my pantry door. The top list is my master food list, which lists all the recipes (except desserts which is a whole 'nother issue) in my box, alphabetically. I have also noted next to some that they are crock pot recipes, so I can note it on my meal plan and be prepared.
The next page down is my meal plan schedule. Underneath that is my half-printed master grocery list. It's half printed because my printer ran out of ink. It lists all the major sections of the store I go to most (in order of the store). So next to each item I can write how many, or what poundage, etc. Easy!!

This next picture is the inside of my pantry. The large blue containers hold flour and sugar. On that shelf to the left are the bottles of salad dressing, vinegar, oils, popcorn, and some dried beans.

All the canned goods are on the shelf above that, (to the right) and organized by category. On the left of that shelf are the dried pastas. Above those are tupperware bins of cereals.

The shelf below the flour and sugar bins has a basket that holds our two minute noodles and bags of dried beans. The little basket next to that on the right (you can see part of it) holds our snacks like cheese crackers and Nik Naks. The blue-covered tupperware bin holds white gold: American Kraft Marshmallows!
In my spice cupboard (which houses spices and things like breadcrumbs, etc.) I also have a basket that holds all my spices. It's small, fits perfectly, and I just pull it down when I need one and keep them all together and easily accessible.

To add to the on-going insanity of it all, I am also in the process of putting all the recipes I own onto the blog. I have only gotten through the snacks/appetizers so far. But they will be on the right sidebar under the Recipe category. Maybe I'll get that done later this week. Or not. I do have other things that need done. Like dishes and laundry. Of course I have been keeping up with them. How dare you suggest otherwise!

Anyway, that's my journey on making my end of our stewardship better. And our meals are better, and the kitchen is cleaner. I've even re-organized my tupperware cabinet.

I've said it before, and I really mean it:

Don't hate me because I'm organized.


  • WendyMom

    Wow Jules- you've officially outdone ourself this time! I'm so inspired- as soon as I finish my school list, I will get right on this here. I can't wait to be free of the daily pressure of deciding what to cook- usually at 6pm while standing in front of the fridge!

    Keep us updated on how it goes as time goes by- love to see if the implementation is as good as it looks-

  • impromptu-mom


    Everything looks great.
    Do you feel very responsible and organized?

  • MaryD

    Will you come live with me and do this?

  • Aunt Bossy

    IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so very proud of you--and you can NEVER be too organized! I know I say that as a big-time neatness-and-organization-freak myself(color coding is my friend), but it's true! I am loving your new system. It is amazing how prior planning and having things in order makes completing everyday tasks so much easier.

    (Can you hear Papa Bossy's voice there? I know--it scares me, too.) Love you and BRAVO!!

  • Mary

    I think that, maybe, 'ABSOLUTE' is a bit harsh. And I think 'CRAZY' is subjective. However, organized? Yep.. definitely organized.

    well done.

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