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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Update About the Car

Oh wow. What a funny story this is!

Ok, not really. It's annoying and frustrating.

Wanna hear all about it???

I called the insurance company yesterday to inform the claims department about the "incident". They were very nice and helpful. I couldn't have asked for better service, even if I didn't understand quite everything the agent said. But I'm sure everything is ok.

We booked an assessment appointment for 10 AM today so they can look over our car and see what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. (We are praying it won't be much and that our insurance will cover most of it.)

So, (here's the funny part) the Prince decided that we should all go since we were planning to do some shopping in that area anyway. So we woke up late (of course) and were rushing around to get ready and get kids fed and dressed and such, making sure not to leave any behind, and we get into the car- and it won't start.

You may laugh now, or wait until the story is over. Your choice.

The Prince thought maybe the engine was cold so we pushed it out into the sun and let it sit a few minutes. Nada. Tries to turn over, but won't. Being stubborn. So the Prince then thinks maybe we should try to jump it by pushing it downhill and trying to put it in gear. But we don't really know quite how to do that, so it ended up being ME pushing it downhill and HIM trying to get it to start.

And it just won't.



And do you know what I learned today?

1. Cars are heavy.

2. You can sweat even though you're freezing in the wind.

3. Children are absolutely no help at this juncture.

4. People become irritated when pushed to the physical limit. It lasts for hours, the irritability.

BUT- God prevails. I finally got ahold of the people at the service place to inform them of our situation, and that we wouldn't be making out appointment, and we have a rental car being delivered today at 3 PM.

Would you continue to pray for:
1. Our sanity.
2. The car to be towed at the insurance company's expense.
3. The car to be FIXED at their expense.
4. The rental car to not cost more than our house payment.

Thank you. It's been a pleasure to laugh along with you on this one.

If you really believe I am still laughing.


  • Brenda

    Wow,I've heard of people starting new workout programs but this takes the cake!

  • WendyMom

    Oh my Julie-

    If you weren't such a strong woman- both physically and other- you never would've found yourself in this predicament! Imagine if you were a 'shrinking flower" type-

    "Oh, I couldn't possibly push that car honey- it's just too big for me..." (Said with eyes wide, slightly breathlessly).

    The Prince would be forced, forced I say, to do something different.

    Oh well. ON the serious side, I will pray for all that mess.

    OH, and if your rental car costs more than your house- can't you just move into it?

  • Nanabestemom

    I'm not laughing, honest..not one single Ha. Can't seem to wipe this smile off my face, tho. Ask your children to draw what they saw that day. I'l love to see those pictures!!
    We love you and of course will pray for all that stuff.

  • Erin

    You paint quite the picture! Wish I could have witnessed this one!

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