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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Our Fourth of July

This was the first year since 9/11 that the embassy here in South Africa did anything for the Americans living here. We weren't sure what to expect since we had never come before. We didn't know if there would be hordes of people and we would have to keep the kids close to us every second, or if it was usually a small affair with few people and not much to do.

Since we're adventurous we decided to risk it and go. Our friends the Ferus Family and of course the Radebaughs went with us. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was a clear, bright day with nary a cloud in the sky. And it was warm!! Almost seventy degrees! (F) The kids were happy with that, and so were we.

Dressed in all the Americana colors we could find, we entered the gate and metal detectors and found quite a lovely area to hang out for the day. There were corn dogs (which we paid for ourselves) and hamburgers and hot dogs (but not American ones- so they weren't too good) popcorn and ice cream (which were free) and drinks (which we paid for).

They also had a place for us to register to get our absentee ballots mailed to us, a jumper and nice playground for the kids, and also a woman who was doing face painting (for free). And she wasn't limited to just sunshines and hearts (as I would be) but WHOLE FACES like lions, leopards, tigers, butterflies...she was pretty amazing. All of our girls got it done. So cute!

Anyway, it was great to be surrounded by people who sound like me, and know where my home town is, and just love my country. I am thankful that I was born in a great country like America. And though she has her problems (doesn't everyone?) she is still (to me at least) the greatest nation in the world. Enjoy the photos!

Pins Showing Represented States

Our Very Own Lion Cub

Beautiful Butterfly Number One

Beautiful Butterfly Number Two

Marine Corps Color Guard
The Food Tables and Grilling Arena


  • MaryD

    HAPPY FOURTH!!! We miss you. Glad you got to enjoy some Americana. What a great face painter, the girls look great. We went to parade, picnic at my sis-in-law's and swimming and FIREWORKS. (my favorite)

  • Mary

    Nice one!

  • WendyMom

    WOW! K looks so awesome! Like she came right off the stage from Cats.

    Missing you and thinking of you on the 4th- we did not even attempt to go to spirit of America- but did go to my mom's for a nice family party.

    Love you all-

  • Megan

    Very cute faces on your girls. And really? Someone over there knows where your hometown is? It truly is a small world. :)

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