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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eureka!! That's It!

So, I have finally narrowed down how I will plan my menus. The first step was to weed out all the ones we have never eaten, are just TOO labor intensive, ones only I like, and the ones none of us like but I had because they were given to me by dear friends. (And we all know the problem I have with that.)

Anyway, I have decided that while once a month cooking appeals to the lazy woman in me who wants a ready-made dinner, the realist in me scoffed and told me dreamy-self that I should get real because it's not something I would ever actually do.

And the dreamy-self listened although she was somewhat hurt. But she's fine now.

So, the next step was to organize my recipes in a way that would make them accessible, and also easy to pick out according to how much meat, etc we're having in a given week. So I took blank recipe cards and added tabs to the top so they would be properly organized.

I also came up with (because of the anal retentive woman who also resides in the recesses of my brain) the idea that ALL recipes will be put onto cards of the same size. Which initially means a lot of re-writing for me, but I like to write so I will actually not mind doing that.

It gets worse.

The recipes will also be alphabetized in their given categories to make finding them all the more easy. And since I am the only one who uses the recipe box it will stay that way. Yes it will. Stop snickering.

I created a super simple spreadsheet (I KNOW) with one week's worth of menus on it. I will reproduce this as needed, and maybe eventually will invest in a white board with a blank calendar on it. (Fancy-Dancy!)

The beauty of this is that I have the whole week's menu planned, and I can pick what I feel like making instead of following the specific thing I wrote down for that day. As you can see from the photo above, I have already implemented that part.

If you feel this spreadsheet is too difficult for you to create on your own and you want a copy you can leave a comment with your email, and I will be happy to send you the file. If you really think you need it. Don't ask for it just to laugh at me once you see it.

'Cause that's just not nice.

Anyway, I feel like we are already making progress and it was easy to keep the kitchen clean today because I already knew what I was making. We actually bought more meat than needed for the week because it was a good price. So I am ahead of the game. Woo-hoo!

Don't hate me because I'm organized.


  • Brenda

    Thank you for the attached photograph of your spreadsheet.

    It has eliminated any need I felt to request it in order to laugh at you. :)

    Seriously, I am proud of you for channeling your inner-OCD in order to benefit your family.

  • Mary

    Hate you? I think you are pure genius. If I had my way there would be a spreadsheet and a little box with filed cards for absolutely everything.

    P.s. Of course you get free tickets!

  • WendyMom


    Seriously, it looks like a great and might I add, actually workable, system. Lest you feel too anal retentive- my recipe box has been alphabetized for years- behind each letter, not category. You have truly inspired me- weeding out the recipes you never use is a great idea, the category tabs is pure genius, and you know how I love a spread sheet- being married to my man and all. I love that you can cross off each meal as you use it- and aren't locked into the plan too tight.

    At one point, I was going to attempt this- got as far as a "master list" of meals to choose from- I'm thinking as soon as all else is done for school here, I'm getting right on the rest of this. So thanks for being the inspiration!

    Missing you at swim lessons...

  • MaryD

    Alphabetized? oh dear.....my recipes are skitter skattered here, there, in boxes, on looseleaf, in my wendymom notebook.....great ideas, but this girlfriend needs even simpler

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