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Friday, June 13, 2008

Ok, Today is Funny Friday

Since going to the doctor and being prescribed (I kid you not) no less than SEVEN medications to overcome my malady, I feel a bit better. The fever is gone and the coughing is down to only an occasional hackfest. But the breathing? A little tense.

Anyhoona- today I am posting funny things because that's what helps me feel better.

But first? A true story.

This morning since my fever was gone and I was feeling LOADS better I told the Prince it was fine for him to go and teach for a while in the early afternoon. So he did. Everything was going smoothly. (which should have been my first hint of impending disaster.)

Then Sleeping Beauty came in complaining of a headache. So I sent her to bed. An hour later she came in my room to rest with me. Then I advised her to go ahead and put on her jammies. So she did.

And soon thereafter ran with haste for the restroom. And I saw Snow White in the hallway with nose plugged and eyes wide while informing me that "Sissy's pukin' on the potty."

"What?" I thought to myself. "ON the potty? Seriously?" No. Way.

Too true! Puke all over the potty lid. (Why don't I have at least one boy with bad toilet etiquette?!?) And the poor thing tried to catch it in her hands and was APOLOGIZING for getting it all over. (Is this a sign I need to let up a little on the hatred of spills?)

So I cleaned it up the best I could in my condition and put her and myself back to bed. Then I paged the Prince to come home immediately. And he did. But she is still puking.

Needless to say, I could use a little cheering up today. Ok, I'll start.

Remember the song "Oh you can't get to Heaven?" from when you were a kid? I learned a new verse today and I am STILL cracking up over it. It goes like this:

Ahem. (Pardon the strained voice, but I'm sick, remember?)

Oh you can't get to heaven.
By smoking pot.
You think you're there,
But you're really not!

Oh you can't get to heaven by smoking pot
You think you're there but you're really not.
Oh you can't get to heaven by smoking pot.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Isn't that funny? Do you even get it? Got a better verse?

And now I have a confession. I like this site. A lot. I read it every day and I even comment occasionally. There. I said it. Judge me if you want. But I think he is right in SO many things he says, and he cracks me up. I'm warning you not to click over there unless you have a few hours to spare so you can do some catch up reading. You will not be disappointed. Although if you're somewhat shallow you may be offended.

*gasps* Did I just say that out loud?

Then to follow along with the whole "sick" theme (any by sick I mean literally sick, not awesome-sick), I think this post deserves a shout out. Who doesn't love a well-known TV theme song with the words changed out about a sick kid? I know I do.

Any jokes you want to share with the world today? I could use a few. But if you make me wheeze I can promise I'll smack you the next time I see you. Well, providing we actually know one another in real life.


  • Brenda

    Poor, poor babies. Sorry you are sick and I hope it ends there!

    I have a funny video for you. Will that work?


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