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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Kids Are Funny

I've been thinking about my kids a lot lately. Not just their behavior (which can't be helped because it's in my face all the time) but reminiscing about things they probably do not remember. I have a funny incidence from each of their lives that popped into my brain, and I will share them with you now.

1. Sleeping Beauty
I remember when the girls and I were out at the store, and having a really hard time getting along. They were very little at the time. (I think Sleeping Beauty was 3, Cinderella was just under two, and Snow White was six months old.) Well, in a rare case of a bad day (ha ha) the older two were touching everything in sight, touching and breathing on each other, and in general making it a less than happy shopping experience.

I decided they needed a threat, and told them: "If you two don't stop right now, I'm going to take you outside and spank you!"

Sleeping Beauty looks at me with a smirk and says: "You can't. Our van don't have a spanking rod."

2. Cinderella
You would never know it now, but when she was younger, Cinderella was terrified of bugs. Especially ones that fly. She thought they were all bees, even if they were microscopic.

One Sunday night we were sitting in church (near the front so the Prince can see the interpreter) and a really sweet woman had just finished playing an offertory on the piano. Pastor came to the platform and shook his finger at everyone for half-heartedly clapping. He said 'Do you not remember what the sermon was about this morning?' "Whatever you do, do it with your might."

Cinderella took it upon herself at this point to let out a blood curdling scream because she thought she saw a bug. EVERYONE looked our way, and our Pastor, not missing a beat said: "That's what I'm talking about!"

3. Snow White
I am sure there are things your children are obsessed with. For some unknown reason, Snow White is obsessed with men. Old men. She thinks every one of them on the earth is some sort of long lost Papaw-type person. And have I ever mentioned before she is very blunt?

We were visiting with friends and they had some of their extended family over. The husband of my friend's sister is tall and thin, and prematurely white-haired and balding. Snow White has the uncanny ability to woo these kinds of men and make them let her sit in their lap and read her stories.

She pays rapt attention, and then lavishes them with hugs and says thank you. That's the routine. The way it always happens. Why stray from the norm?

This time she decided to rub her hand over what little hair there was left on his head and mentioned in her sweetest voice: "You're old."

Then she hopped down and ran to play. I was mortified, and thought maybe the floor would suck me into it. Didn't happen.

What about your kids?


  • Brenda

    I can't think of any funnies from my little darling right now. Too much housework will do that to you.

    On a side note (ha!) you totally need a shelf thingy in your side bar. Run and get one. They are so cute.

  • Brenda

    Oops. Darlings. Plural. I counted them.

  • Mr. Young

    (actually, Mrs. Young said...)

    How about, "Look Mommy, that lady's having a baby too!"

    No...no she's not...

  • Aunt Bossy

    Ok, no kiddos of my own, so I'll give you some of my memories of your kids. I remember well Cinderella's fear of all things small and airborne and I remember the church screaming incident--that was hilarious! I also remember how she didn't want to get into the kiddie pool because there were blades of grass floating in the water that touched her feet and freaked her out. (She's NOTHING like her mother...nope, not at all...) Then when she finally did get in, she was afraid to sit down. So I tricked her into it by having her slide into the pool. Sure enough, she slid down and landed on her bottom--mission accomplished! (I'm not called Aunt Bossy for nothing...) Now Sleeping Beauty--her WAY above average language skills were not always a bonus. Especially when she would repeat words that weren't the best additions to her vocabulary. Not that I said any of these words (like "sucks") mind you--it must have been other people. :-) One of my favorite moments was watching my wedding video and seeing her fix the train of my dress--just like her mom did--and she did it so gently that I had no idea until I saw the video! And Snow White--I love how she got just about everyone to hold her at our wedding--there are a multitude of So-and-so-holding-Snow-White pictures in our album. And I love how whenever we would visit she would climb into Uncle Mawrk's lap with a book for him to read to her. (Uncle Mawrk has lots of experience with books, not so much with kiddos. Snow White helped break him in!)

    I miss them tons--give them a big hug & kiss from me! (Oh--I miss you too & stuff. Maybe I'll send you some flowers via Facebook...HA!)

    Love you mucho!

  • JulieMom

    Brenda- At least you realized you missed one. And went back to fix it.

    Mrs. Young- Please say she wasn't talking about me...

    Aunt Bossy- I remember all too well..you send me flowers on facebook and I swear I'll make you some biscuits and mail them...

  • Aunt Bossy

    HA! If you do, I'm sneaking them into Papa Don's lunch, since he was the biggest fan of your biscuit blunder. Which was not ENTIRELY her fault, for those of you who only know Juliemom as the creater of fabulous Foodie Friday fare. (I love alliteration...) She didn't know that Nan used self-rising flour, so she didn't know to add baking soda to her biscuits. The rest is Bossy family history, which Papa Don (the Bossy patriarch) enjoys reliving whenever the subject of biscuits comes up. Never mind that everything else she ever cooked for family consumption was delicious, especially the Mac & Cheese Variations. And Skillet Lasagna. And the bread-dipped-in-sauted garlic & olive oil appetizer...

    And I promise, no more Facebook stuff. Although you might be interested to know my results for the visual intelligence test (I sent you a link because I had to in order to know my results). My rating? "Borderline retarded."

    Sorry if you read that while drinking something, because now I'm pretty sure it's coming out your nose. Not that you're surprised, mind you. Not surprised at all... :-)

  • Mr. Young

    No, it wasn't you! It was a young girl in the grocery store. I almost cried, I felt so bad...

  • Mr. Young

    Again that "almost cried" was Mrs. Young.

    Just thought I'd clear that up ; )

    - Mr. Young (really)

  • Mary

    Well one of my darlings, who will remain nameless,(Beebs) told her Nana "you're going to die soon" which totally tweeked mother-in-law out!!! And then she also told her she'd never see her again, leading m-i-l to think she'd die in Florida where they "winter". Yikes!

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