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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Movie Mania

Ok, this time the movies are going to be REALLY obscure. Some of which I'm pretty sure other than me, only Little Sister has seen. And I only know she's seen them because we watched at least one of them together like eleventy-hundred times the summer I turned nine. (Or sometime around then.) The clues are going to be equally obscure in order to make you think harder than you want. And this time the points are fair game to anyone, not just the first to answer. (Sorry Mary)

Oh, and no looking things up on the internet either. The answers have to come from somewhere deep inside the recesses of your gray matter where all the useless information dwells. Ready?

Here we go!

1. This movie is about a family where the mother dies and the kids are left alone with their father. They are playing outside one day when pieces of a puzzle (that almost look like bits of a sarcophagus) fall from the sky. They are then invited to a factory where they create something special to help them out of their grief. Know it? 7,000 points (6,000 bonus points if you can recite the heartwarming line given by the young daughter near the end of the movie when she thinks the "comfort giver thing" will be lost.)

2. This movie is another 80s flick and about a strange way of placing kids in appropriate foster homes. A boy ends up getting sent to an eccentric old woman who surely should have been rejected by their "birth factory standards". Chaos ensues when the mistake is found. The little actor's real name is Huckleberry. Really. 500,000 points.

3. A boy named David discovers a space ship that takes him into the future. He disappears, then reappears with outlandish knowledge. His wisecracking robot commander Max helps him go anywhere he wants. What a great adventure for the whole family!! 3,000 points

4. A trailer park boy who thinks he will never escape there defeats an arcade game and ends up being abducted by people of another galaxy to help them defend themselves from an alien force. This one sounds like a dream, but I know it isn't. 5,000 points

5. An evil carnival comes to town, lead by Mr. Dark. Two of the town's boys suspect something is wrong and try to get to the bottom of it. They can't ask anyone to help them, but in the end Will's librarian father seems to know the danger, and helps them out. 9,000 points

6. In this movie, a seemingly daft Englishman helps to rescue French aristocrats from the guillotine during the French Revolution. His wife has friendships with the perpetrators and it may endanger his whole facade. Great movie on my favorite's list. And just for the record, only the 1982 version is worth anything. 8,000 points

7. A young girls is lost in the Australian outback after chasing a rabbit into the woods. She meets a kangaroo mom who has lost her joey that decides to help her. Special berries she gives the girl help her to understand the language of the forest creatures. Oh, by the way, it's a mix of live action and cartoon. 8,000 points

That's enough for now. My brain is twitching. Good luck!!


  • Mary

    So as not to seem like a miss know it all I will only give the answers to some of the clues.

    2: Begins with the letter K 4: Last Star Fighter 6: The Scarlet Pimpernel and as I'm an Aussie I had better represent 7: Dot and the kangaroo (hated it). I am fairly sure I know 3 (does it have the word 'flight' in it? Mind you short circuit is sounding familiar???? No, I don't think they go in a spaceship. I'll stick with F.O.T.N). I have no memory flashbacks for 1 or 5 ( and as you have banned us from internet...)

    I think I have the time difference advantage.. Everyone else is asleep.

  • Mary

    Just to be fair - Do you remember this movie?
    'A recently widowed mom moves to a new neighborhood with her two children. One of her children becomes friendly with the autistic boy who lives next door with his alcoholic uncle. The boy is under constant threat of being institutionalized due to his fascination of standing with arms outstretched on roof tops and window sills.

  • Brenda

    Did we live on the same planet during the 80's?

    I have no ideas at all.

  • The four little penguins say:

    #6 is the Scarlet Pimpernel! I've never seen the movie, but the book is one my favorites. :)

  • Undeniably Mattastic

    1. Electric Grandmother
    2. ???
    3. Flight Of The Navigator
    4. The Last Starfighter
    5. Something Wicked Thes Way Comes
    6. The Scarlet Pimpernel
    7. Dot And The Kangaroo

    So, what do I win? Knowing I can play a triva game from my little sister?

  • Megan

    Sink me. #6 is an excellent movie. Thanks to Mrs H, it has remained one of my all time favorite movies since 9th grade. :)

  • Joni

    Okay..I only knew three of them for sure. Matt beat me to #1 but neglected to answer the bonus ?.
    1. Electric Grandmother
    "Not like mommy!" or something like that.
    3. Flight of the Navigator.
    5. Something wicked this way comes.
    Do I get something special for the bonus question??

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