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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Movie Mania

I would like to tell you that I have my mind in total control at all times. I would like to tell you that I think of nothing but Scripture and Sunday School lessons and happy children dancing in meadows. But that would be a lie. This is more like the truth: My mind flits willy nilly from one subject to another, often from decade to decade about worthless info, and then back again. If I'm lucky.

At other times, it is like a game show where I'm the only contestant, and I have to think of the names of movies and the actors (as quick as possible) just because I have a line of dialog or a flash of a scene from it stuck in my mind. If I don't make it within the time allotted, I am docked points. I don't really know who's keeping score, but it feels important at the time.

Now that you know the ugly truth, (even if you've only had inklings before) I'll be totally honest. I want you to play the game with me. Let's see if you can beat my score. Here goes:

(Imagine happenin' 80s music intro that leads to the chorus): "Who's Johnny?, she said, and smiled in her special way. Johnny, she said you know I love you. Who's Johnny?, she said, and tried to look the other way. Her eyes gave her awaaaaaay."

Ever heard it? 2500 points to the first person who names the movie it's from in the comments.

Another movie from that era popped into my mind as well, almost before I mentally finished singing that line. The premise of this film is this: An uncool guy who mows lawns (Ronald) helps out a popular girl by buying a replacement dress for her instead of the huge telescope he's been saving for. What's in it for him? He wants her to make him popular. Know the movie? I'll give you a hint: Patrick Dempsey was the nerd. 1500 points

This, of course, brought yet another movie to mind. What the relation here is, I have no idea. These movies have nothing to do with each other. Anyhoona, this movie is about a white guy getting accepted to Harvard, and needing money to pay for it 'cause his rich daddy cut him off. He realizes there are tons of scholarships available for black males. So he overdoses on tanning pills, gets a bad wig, and applies as a black student. Outrageous? Absolutely. Offensive? Didn't seem so at the time, but probably didn't do much in the 80's for race relations. Know the film? 3000 points

Are you glad it's over?

Or wishing I asked more questions?

Ok, one more.

An eleven year old boy whose life is video games (because his mother recently died) is accidentally given an Atari cartridge (definitely 80s) by a dying man, that contains top government secrets. He has to go through some tough times to survive the bad spies trying to get it back, and is helped along by a girl and his imaginary friend Jack Flack (who looks just like his Dad). Know it? 5000 points

These movies are pretty obscure. Chances are I am the only one who remembers them. But I say unto you: Good luck! Oh, and you get double points if you can name the major actors from each film.

If you really want to admit you've ever seen them.


  • Mary

    Short Circuit - Ally Sheedy Steve Guttenberg

    Can't buy me love - Patrick Dempsey , Amanda Peterson

    Soul Man - C. Thomas Howell, Rae Dawn

    Cloak and Dagger - Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman, Michael Murphy

  • impromptu-mom

    Oh pooh!

    Mary beat me to it!

    Oh boy, do I love Patrick Dempsey in that movie! Set my "type" towards nerdy guys for a long time, it did, lol.

  • Kristen

    I'm just shocked you didn't quote Labrynth. How many times did we watch that one?? You were *always* saying, "You remind me of the babe..."

  • Brenda

    Can't Buy Me Love was the only one I knew.

    Do I still get something?

  • Mary

    Dear Brenda

    You may have a few of my points - just so long as you share with me next time.

    When is the next quiz Julie?

  • just a girl named jenn

    Ooooh, Can't Buy Me Love was great! I saw it in the theater. Didn't see the other movies...too bad my hubby isn't here. He knows all the eighties movie/music trivia.

  • JulieMom

    I didn't mention Labyrinth because, well, I didn't want the image of David Bowie in spandex pants and a long Markie Post wig back on the forefront of my mind.

    And now it won't go away.


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