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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home-Spun Haircut

The Prince is a trusting man. He lets me send emails to people on his behalf, and has entrusted our children's education to my somewhat reluctant shoulders. But letting me cut his hair? Yeah, he's probably been out in the African sun too long.

Not that I haven't cut hair before. I cut the girls' hair, and also my own all the time. But they can get away with pony tails and cute hats if something goes wrong. And I can fluff mine around should there be a bit of a goof. Curly hair can do that. I know!!

The Prince, however, is quite another story. He purchased a device that might as well have been called the Shave-O-Matic 6000 by Acme™ and expected me to give him a manly barber style haircut. And I need not explain the myriad ways this made me twitch.

Well we set up shop (Ha! Get it? Like barber shop!) in the garage for easiest clean up, then banned the Princesses from entry. Who needs hair spread willy nilly through the house by unwitting toe socks? Not me.

Anyhoona, it started out easily enough. The Prince chose attachment number three for the back and sides of his head. Since I know nothing about the whole process, I agreed and began to shave his head like I've seen barbers do.

A nanosecond later he stops me and asks me to slow down. Apparently the Shave-O-Matic isn't the highest quality shaver on the market. More like a plucker. And we all know how plucking hair feels. So I slow it down, and finally finish the back. After working the kinks out of my shoulder I wonder what to do with the top.

Should I pretend I know what I'm doing and scissor cut it? Or rely on the Shave-O-Matic?

I have to tell you right now it doesn't matter what I decided. Because during the clean up, where I trim the neckline, sideburns, and behind the ears, I noticed some straggler hairs. Longer than necessary, like they got missed the first time around. No problem! I thought to myself. I'll just clip them quick without an attachment. What harm could be done?

I'm sorry to report that the Prince now looks as though he's recovering from some sort of surgery where they had to shave away all semblance of hair from behind his left ear. From the front and sides he looks great!

Guess it's a good thing we only own one mirror and he can't see back there.

Should I tell him? Or wait for people to start asking him what happened? It might be fun to see what he comes up with to explain. Whatever the case, I'm sure he'll be shooting daggers at me.

Anyhoona, I'm now booking appointments for the last week in June. Any takers?


  • Brenda

    The set up: First year of marriage. Trusting husband. Set of new clippers and a #2 guard.

    Wife did great! Hair looked awesome. Wife took off guard to trim around ears. No sweat.

    Then trusting husband mentioned that I needed to go over a certain section again. But wife forgot to put guard back on.

    We know that "prepped for surgery" look quite well around here. I screamed. He said, "Go get my hat." But it didn't matter--hat didn't help.

    I have been forever banned from haircuts in this house.

  • Momsense3

    This is HILARIOUS!!! I love your writing style Julie! I actually found your site on accident while googling something about cultural relevance and saw your post about the "emerging church." I was thinking, 'Who is this person, this is well thought out and well written' and then I saw the pics on the side and was pleasantly surprised to discover I know you! Anyway, have read some of your other stuff and you make me laugh out loud. Great blog. Hope we can see you guys again before you head back (unless you already have??)

  • Momsense3

    Okay, so you're probably like who is this??? Sorry - forgot my name wouldn't show up. This is the chic from CT who signs and is related by marriage to one of your good friends... (not sure if it's kosher to leave my name?? new to this blog commenting stuff)

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