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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Have I Ever Mentioned....

....that I do NOT love Monopoly?

Yeah, not on the favorites list. Hated it as a kid because I stink with a capital 'S' at strategy.

Well, last Thursday night The Prince and I were asked by Sleeping Beauty if we wanted to play Monopoly. Now, wanted to are very strong words. I wouldn't say that I would ever want to play Monopoly. But I said I would play because she asked me to.

What could it hurt, right?

Well, The Prince is just a tad competitive when it comes to money-related games. (e.g. Life, etc.) I went into the game thinking I will lose first and be done with it. No big deal. It's just for fun anyway, right? Right?

Then my first two times around the board I landed on go to jail. Then I got slammed with fines by Chance and Community Chest over and over.

I was actually thrown in jail three more times for public drunkenness.

I started to feel that maybe the game was against me. Maybe the cards had heard rumors of my inability to strategize and decided to help me lose big time by shuffling themselves in such a way to hurt me every time. They fared well I must say.

However, Sleeping Beauty is a Donna Trump. She had money out the wazoo (wherever that is) and property like you wouldn't believe. I thought it was cute.

Then she started buying houses and hotels. That's when I knew we were in big trouble.

And did you know Monopoly can take upwards of three hours???

Near the end the poor Prince was giving Sleeping Beauty his properties and things because he couldn't afford the rent on her spaces.

Me? My strategy skillz have improved. When the Prince wanted to buy a red property I owned, he offered me a certain amount. I upped it by 5,000 rand and then added that if I landed there I would only pay ten percent of the actual cost of rent. He said forget it. I told him the next time he asked the price would be 10,000 more and the percentage would be 5% less.

He agreed.

It eventually cost him bankruptcy. But not to worry, I was soon to follow.

That Sleeping Beauty is a property shark. Whew! I'm just glad the money was fake.


  • Victoria

    Sounds like you'll be well taken care of in your later years!

  • Mary

    (I hate monopoly too) Is LIFE the one with the teeny cars and the plastic people pegs in pink and blue? I like that one, but I rock Trivial Pursuit.

  • MaryD

    juliemom, it's safe. you can go clicky my namey now. I blogged, twice in fact!!1 SMOOCH

  • The four little penguins say:

    Public drunkeness? That made me LOL!
    I hate monopoly, too. Badly enough that if I have my way it will never enter my house.

  • Mary

    Thumbs down for monopoly. Although I do suspect you mat have found a new and exciting way of playing it whilst hating it.

    I'm getting a bit bored Julie (not with your post). Any chance of some more trivia questions?

  • Mary

    Seeing as the other Mary had two comments I thought it was safe to get back and correct the 'mat' to a 'may'.


  • just a girl named jenn

    I too HATE Monopoly, and for the same reason...strategy. The Game of Life is a favorite in our house, especially the Pirates of the Carribean edition. Sooo fun! It's funny what we'll agree to do with our kids, just to see them happy :)

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