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Monday, May 26, 2008

When The Bloggy World Is Your Only World

**Before we get into the post, stop over at the Prince's and see an update about the service yesterday!** (And yes, I mean that exclamation point.)

There are some people who get so obsessed with their blog that it becomes their whole world. Usually this happens after they get their first comment and they're so excited to see someone is reading their blog that it begins to take over their life. So they start leaving comments on all kinds of blogs hoping to generate traffic back to their blog. All of this takes time, so eventually the bloggy world is their only world.

I thought in case you weren't sure this has happened to you, I would post a list of signs to watch out for. Make a check mark next to the ones that apply to you. If you display one or more of these symptoms, I would highly recommend you seek professional help. Offline.

1. You talk about your friends from blogs. Like you know them in real life. When you and a group of friends are standing around talking and reminiscing, you mention something like this: "Remember when StacyBugInOH said that she and her Dad used to do that? Oh, I could totally relate. She's so funny, isn't she?" Two words: Just. Stop.

2. You want your blog designer to redecorate your house. In colors you use on your blog. You don't care what they do, but suggest each room have a theme taken from one of your blog posts. Preferably with that post printed out and decoupaged somewhere on the wall.

3. You use word verification to name your child. iosrukwu sounds exotic, doesn't it? And no one else's child's name starts with a lower case letter. You are a genius.

4. You insist people call you only by your screen name.
Especially if it kinda had your name in it. Suppose your blog is named Paula's Party. Your screen name may be something like 'PartyPaula', yes? You demand everyone call you just that, PartyPaula. And you're thinking of making it your legal name.

5. You run up your own stat counter. By checking whether you've gotten comments or not. Let me give you a hint: they have a neat tool that will email you when someone leaves a comment. Try it. Sure, your stat count will drop significantly, but you won't be duped into thinking 800,000 people have checked your blog in the last two days. Trust me, it's just you.

6. You work in blurbs about your blog in every conversation. No matter the context, you feel the right to advertise your blog with anyone within hearing distance. For example:

Friend: I've been so down since my Dad passed away. You know, it's hard. I miss him.
You: Yeah, I can understand that. Hey, you know I wrote a post one time when I felt sad. You should check out my blog.
Friend: *startled* What?
You: Ya know, I have a blog. And I wrote something that identifies with how you feel. If you don't want that, then I have plenty of other interesting things to read. That could keep your mind off your sadness. If you want I can email you a link to it. Or better yet.. (grabbing their hand) let me just write the web address on your hand. Check it out when you get home.

I'll tell you now, that's just wrong.

Very wrong.

Again, if you are displaying one or more of these symptoms, please seek professional help. DO NOT SEARCH THROUGH BLOGS FOR COUNSELLING. Turn of the internet, walk to the phone, and call a real life person. It could help you.



  • WendyMom

    The day I decoupage ANYTHING is the day I seek serious professional help!

    I will admit that it is nice to get comments- they make you feel validated somehow- but I have often wondered how people who post and comment everyday on multiple blogs get anything else done. I'm thinking of one of my favorites in particular- I know she has a young one- but I guess she sends him out to school in the am and then has time?

    I pray that as much as I enjoy reading and commenting on the few blogs I do read daily, that it never interferes with my family time. I had found myself for a while, reading and being on the computer during the day when the kids were eating etc.- but the Lord convicted me about that. He didn't bless me with them so they could see the back of my head while I sit on the computer. So now it's either early morning, or one time in the afternoon as a break. It creeps up on you if you're not careful...

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Hope all is well there- I keep seeing more and more about the violence in Joburg.... Love you guys.

  • Janice

    So, I like posted on this exact subject just a few months ago... you really need to go look at MY blog and check the archives... I don't want to tell you when or what the name of the post was because then you would miss out on all the fun of searching all my previous posts, and my page reloads would suffer... HA!!!

    Very cute, but the workings of your mind scares me. :)

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