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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things That Scare Me

1. This woman.
I almost could stop there and say 'nuff said. But I won't. I need to educate you a little. Her campaign is grossly in debt. We all know her husband's lack of business savvy in signing NAFTA, but it seems she is financially inept. And she wants to run our country??? A country that has mega-billions of dollars changing hands every minute??? Yeah, I'm scared.

2. Men Who Wear This T-shirt
And actually walk next to their spouse with it on. Don't they realize they look like a dork? They probably have their 'Members Only' jacket thrown over their shoulder too. I mean, whoever looked at a person wearing this shirt and thought: "I'm gonna marry that guy! We'll have lots of smart kids." Seriously? Ouch.

3. Canned "Meat"

If God had wanted meat in a can, He would have created edible animals pre-canned. There would be tons of cows running around in fields with cans for bodies with a big cow head at the front and little legs sticking out the bottom. Or something. The problem is, one can never tell what's really in canned meat. If you look at the labels, you'll see ingredients like: pork parts, or chicken stuff. What they don't tell you is that it's ground up innards, brains and toenails. After all, parts is parts. *shudder*

4. Karen Kingsbury

If you've ever been in a Christian book store, chances are you've seen at least 14,000 of her books. Does she really personally write them all herself?? I guess it's possible if she has a constant IV of caffeine straight to the brain to prevent sleep. Does she sit at a desk in some dungeon with a computer at each appendage that could possibly type and write four books at the same time? Does she know her children's names? How can she have any 'down time'? That (to use one of her favorite phrases) 'shakes me to my core'.

5. People Who Look Like Their Pets
We know these people aren't really related to their pets, but the resemblance is quite frightening. Why would you choose to own an animal that looks like you? Is it safe to say these people are narcissistic and can't get enough of looking at themselves so they have to resort to an animal that does? No sane person thinks it's cute to see a woman and a dog who looks like her walking down the street in matching sweaters. It's just not right.

6. Nose Pickers Who Think No One is Watching

I'm sorry. There is no excuse for this. I mean, yes, he is a man and all, but really. Ew. Double Ew infinity times a million. I find this frightening. He's outside, far from a sink (and apparently a tissue) so what are his options? a. Flicking it and hoping it doesn't land on himself? b. Wiping it in an inconspicuous place within his clothing? *gag* c. Eating it? *gag* I hope he doesn't work in the food industry.

7. Any 'Thing' That Can Stomach Balut
I am not kidding when I say that if you are faint of heart (or stomach) do NOT click the link above for balut. You may vomit on your keyboard. While this food is a delicacy in regions of Asia, I cannot believe any person in their right mind willingly eating it. *wretch* And you can thank me that I didn't describe it, or post a picture. Any 'thing' that can stomach it, or worse yet- craves it, truly frightens me.

There you have it! That's the short list. So, what scares you?


  • WendyMom

    Well, OF COURSE, they serve balut most commonly with BEER-- you'd have to be totally drunk to eat that. Makes me cringe to think about what comes back up if there is too much beer imbibed... oy!

    Even more that Hillary, Obama scares me. He was raised in a Muslim home, claims to be a Christian- although his former preacher friend is truly scary- you know the one he "sat under for years as my close, personal advisor", and he came out of NO-WHERE, with no experience. YIKES.

    At least we KNOW Hillary is the anit-Christ.

    Sometime when you get bored, look up bundagee- it is considered a delicacy in Korea- people eat it at movies like we eat popcorn. No lie, when Eric and I were there we went to a museum and park and there were vendors selling it like we sell hot doges here. It makes me SHUDDER to even think about it.

    I also think it's safe to say we'll never see you on Fear Factor- or me either for that matter.

    LOL! Love ya-

  • Mary

    (my Filipino sister-in-law HAS eaten that)ACK!!!

    What scares me is the women who will vote for Hilary "because she's a woman" Eek people, get a clue!

  • Brenda

    Can we re-title this? "Things That Gross Me Out!" And no, after all the other things...I didn't click on the link.
    It's not your fault. I was stuck at a traffic light earlier this year in front of a nose picker/eater adult. Every single time I looked in my rear view mirror she was at it. For like 15 minutes. And then she proceeded to pick her nails.
    And I just can't get it out of my head.

  • Michelle in Mx

    I did not know what Balut was, and ignorance was bliss!

  • Joni

    Come on, Julie...it's an aphrodisiac!!!

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